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Chapter 360: 360

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Chapter 360: I Will Never Get Blindly Infatuated By A Handsome Face

Zhu Yu blushed red as she tried to defend herself in a low voice, “The Heir Presumptive is of noble status and dignified character. I would never dare to have any feelings for him. I am just an admirer.”

Lu Liangwei said exasperatedly when she heard this, “That gentleman looks to be of extraordinary status too, yet with him, you dare to fantasize?”

Zhu Yu darted her eyes at her Miss. “Miss, that sounds terrible. How could I fantasize about him? I just wanted to get a few more glances at him since he had good looks. I won’t be able to see him again in the future, after all.”

Lu Liangwei was speechless.

She had underestimated this girl, who was able to describe and disguise her lustfulness as something so pure and innocent.

“In that case, I’m sorry to say but I won’t be able to fulfill your personal desires.”

Zhu Yu sighed. “I’ll forget about him. We barely know him in the first place, anyway. If we had accidentally let in a wolf, it would have been very bad news.”

Lu Liangwei gave Zhu Yu a humorous look. “This must be so hard on you, refraining yourself from being blindly attracted to a handsome face. Thankfully, you’re still able to analyze potential trouble.”

A look of delight immediately appeared on Zhu Yu’s face. “Of course! I’ll always place Miss’ safety above everything else. I’ll never get so blindly infatuated with a handsome face that I’d forget that.”

“Oh, I’m so touched.”

The group left the forest.

Lu Liangwei led Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu. As they were about to head up the mountain, Long Xiao, who was about to head downward, suddenly spoke up. “We’ve been on a long journey. If it’s not too much trouble, Miss, would you be able to spare us a cup of tea?”

His words sounded polite and humble, and he was sure Lu Liangwei would extend an invite immediately.

However, he was wrong. Lu Liangwei did not hesitate for a second to reject him.

“It is a little too much trouble. After all, there are only the elderly and womenfolk in my home. It would not be appropriate for all of you to come in for tea. If you are thirsty, you could head up to Tianzhu Temple to request them to give you some tea.”

Tianzhu Temple was located at the peak of the mountain. One could only vaguely see a corner of a roof by lifting one’s head as high as possible.

Long Xiao turned his gaze away. He had never expected this young maiden in front of him, who was at such a delicate age, to be able to reject him with such decisiveness.

He had thought she would invite him back for tea in order to maintain a respectable and welcoming image.

He had miscalculated his plan severely.

“We’ve been on a long journey and we’re tired and thirsty. You’re really asking us to hike all the way to that peak just to get a drink of water? Could you really bear to let someone do so, Miss?”

Lu Liangwei frowned. She had never imagined someone with such laudable charisma to be able to slip into such a pitiful character so easily. It felt strange to her.

“Sir, if you’re not willing to take the long walk, how thirsty are you really? Besides, you don’t even know where my house is. It could be at the peak, or somewhere even further than Tianzhu Mountain.”

Long Xiao was stunned by her retaliation and could only reply helplessly, “Miss, are you always this sharp? All I wanted was a bowl of water to drink.”

“I was just being honest about the situation at hand. Please do not take it to heart, sir,” Lu Liangwei finished her sentence without much sincerity and stopped talking. She took Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu along as she continued up the mountain.

After walking for a while, she realized the other party had not left, but were following from behind.

Lu Liangwei frowned but said nothing.

This mountain had quite a number of big and small holiday homes, after all. Besides that, there was still the grand Tianzhu Temple at the peak.

They could be heading to the temple. She was not so narcissistic as to think that they could only be following her.

It was at this time that Chu Jiu walked to her side and lowered her voice to say, “That man is the Prince of Xiangyang.”

Lu Liangwei was a little slow to react when she suddenly heard that.


Chu Jiu did not say anything more. She knew Lu Liangwei had heard her the first time.

Lu Liangwei stared at Chu Jiu, who was walking stealthily while dragging along two big men. She stopped herself from instinctively looking back.

She felt shocked.

Prince of Xiangyang, Long Xiao?

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