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Chapter 364: 364

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Chapter 364: Second Miss Lu… You Hooligan

The Dowager Duchess was a little surprised to hear this. She never thought that Lu Liangwei would guess that.

Even Chu Jiu’s cold eyes had a look of surprise.

Second Miss Lu was quite astute!

Lu Liangwei knew she had guessed correctly when both of them stayed silent.

The Dowager Duchess sighed and said unsmilingly, “The commission fee for the House of Swallow Snow is also very high. Normal folk would never be able to pay such a high price to employ them for assassination jobs.”

Lu Liangwei nodded.

Why would such a formidable organization go to such distances without a handsome commission, after all?

She gave a short, cold laugh. Who hated her so much that they were willing to pay such a high price to the House of Swallow Snow in exchange for her life?

If she did not die, it would all be a waste of the other party’s money.

The Dowager Duchess was furious. “You’ve been staying home most of the time and have rarely been out all this while. You don’t even mingle much with anyone out of the family. Who would be so mad and so malicious as to want to take the life of a lovely young girl?”

Lu Liangwei held onto her arm and cajoled her, “Grandmother, there is no need to be angry. The enemy is hiding in the dark while we are out here in the light, which makes it difficult for us to defend ourselves. Still, it’ll be okay. Whoever this is, man or monster, they will eventually reveal themselves.”

The Dowager Duchess was still worried, but did not want to reveal this in front of Lu Liangwei and ruin her granddaughter’s mood.

“Yes, you’re right. Although, for the sake of your safety, you can’t continue staying in the room you’re in now.”

Lu Liangwei did not object.

It was just a matter of changing her room. The most important thing was not letting her grandmother worry.


The Dowager Duchess turned her gaze toward Chu Jiu. “Even though you have been sent here by His Majesty and I have no authority to give you orders, I hope you’ll be able to continue to protect Second Miss with everything you’ve got.”

Chu Jiu nodded. “Don’t worry, Dowager Duchess. Master sent me here to protect Second Miss, which means that he has gifted me to her. I belong to Second Miss now. If she lives, I live. If anything happens to her, I will follow her to the grave.”

The Dowager Duchess was very satisfied with her words. “It’s good that you think so!”

However, Lu Liangwei was not used to this.

Did Chu Jiu need to be so serious about this?

Besides, regardless of how formidable Chu Jiu was, there were bound to be accidents.

Did she really want to give up her life if something happened to Lu Liangwei?

Lu Liangwei could not help feeling slightly upset about this.

She looked at the determined expression on Chu Jiu’s face, and did not attempt to change her mind. Instead, she suddenly teased Chu Jiu. “If I have meat for my meals, there is no way you’ll just be stuck with having soup.”

Chu Jiu was taken aback. She probably did not expect Lu Liangwei to say such a thing.

It took her quite a while before saying a little awkwardly, “I don’t eat meat.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Lu Liangwei looked at Chu Jiu as if she was an alien. There was actually someone who did not enjoy meat? Lu Liangwei was someone who enjoyed meat immensely and imagined everyone else did too.

“What do you usually eat?”

Chu Jiu hesitated momentarily before saying, “I’ll eat anything except meat.”

Lu Liangwei could not help sizing the girl up when she heard this. Her gaze ended up on Chu Jiu’s chest as she scanned her body. “No wonder you look so thin.”

When Chu Jiu noticed her gaze, it immediately reminded her of Lu Liangwei burying her face into Chu Jiu’s chest when they were in the forest. In addition to her current words, Chu Jiu quickly understood what she meant and blushed. Chu Jiu’s face turned red in an instant.

Second Miss Lu… you hooligan!

Right at that moment, Zhu Yu quickly spoke up. “Miss, I belong to you too. I am willing to give up my life for you.”

Lu Liangwei rubbed her head. “What would I need your life for? Isn’t it better for you to live?”

Zhu Yu was not able to answer this.

Chu Jiu had already said such words, and it was only natural that Zhu Yu would not want to lose to her. Otherwise, what if her Miss started to prefer Chu Jiu and no longer liked her? What would she do then?

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