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Chapter 366: 366

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Chapter 366: Suddenly Broke Out In Cold Sweat In Fright

Chen Xuping felt nothing but scorn and disdain. He had always despised those concubines, and by extension, their sons and daughters.

When Hong Xiu saw how he was unable to hide the worry and concern on his face, a thought flashed through her mind as she said in a helpless and pitiful manner, “Our Crown Princess was doing well, but after returning from the Flower Admiring Banquet held by the Virtuous Consort the other day, her health suddenly deteriorated. And the next day… Her Highness miscarried.”

Chen Xuping noticed the insinuation in her story and pressed with a frown, “Was there anyone who wanted to harm Her Highness present at the Flower Admiring Banquet?”

Hong Xiu sighed. “Who would even dare think about harming Her Highness considering her high stature? Although…”

She hesitated slightly as if she was not willing to voice out her thoughts out of fear.

Chen Xuping immediately guessed who it was and said through clenched teeth, “It was Lu Liangwei, isn’t it?”

Hong Xiu glanced at him, looking shocked. “Heir Presumptive, please do not say such words. Even though Second Miss was present as well, but…”

“You do not need to say anymore. I understand everything. Go on home,” Chen Xuping said coldly as he forcefully suppressed his anger.

When Hong Xiu saw this, she had no choice but to bid her farewells. “Alright. You may proceed however you think best while bearing in mind what Her Highness had informed you…”

She paused and looked slightly teary-eyed as she continued, “Till this day, Her Highness still cherishes the sisterly bond between her and Second Miss. To be honest, I had come here today without Her Highness’ knowledge. Sigh, maybe we should just forget about it. Please treat it as if I have not said a word to you today. If Her Highness finds out about this, she will be upset with me.”

Chen Xuping felt a little frustrated when he heard this.

He knew that Lu Yunshuang was soft-hearted and was always unwilling to get rid of Lu Liangwei.

She was always so benevolent to let others off the hook, but others were always planning different schemes to harm her.

“I understand. Don’t tell her anything about today. As for killing Lu Liangwei, I will act according to the situation.”

Hong Xiu nodded. “Very well, I shall take my leave.”

Something flashed in her eyes when she turned away.

Chen Xuping was blindly in love with the Crown Princess. She was a kind and benevolent person in his heart, someone who could not bear to have Lu Liangwei killed. What he did not know was that the Crown Princess felt nothing but jealousy and hatred toward Lu Liangwei, to the extent that she could hardly wait for Lu Liangwei to be chopped into pieces and fed to the dogs.

What Hong Xiu had just said was to prompt Chen Xuping to feel even more disgusted with Lu Liangwei. That way, that woman would not be so lucky the next time.

Just as Hong Xiu had expected, Chen Xuping’s desire to murder Lu Liangwei got stronger after finding out that Lu Yunshuang had suffered a miscarriage because of her.

However, he was not a brash person. His assassination on Lu Liangwei the last time had put her guard up. If he suddenly acted rashly this time, not only would he fail in his plans, but he would also end up exposing himself.

Bearing in mind that Lu Liangwei was to become an Empress soon, he could not help but guess that the assassins he had sent out were completely annihilated due to His Majesty’s intervention.

Otherwise, how could his elite assassins disappear just like that?

He shuddered at this thought.

If that was true, he would need to be even more careful from now on. At the same time, he was quite relieved that the assassins he had sent out that day did not return, which had alerted him that something was wrong. This had prompted him to decisively relocate all the assassins from Drunk Fragrance Pavilion without leaving any trace of evidence. Otherwise, he would be…

Chen Xuping suddenly broke out in cold sweat in fright.

This Emperor was cunning and unpredictable. It was difficult to anticipate his moves and he was not afraid of employing vicious tactics. Chen Xuping had always been fearful of this.

If he was being watched by His Majesty…

Chen Xuping clenched both his fists, feeling slightly scared.

Chu Qi was instantly alerted of the moment Hong Xiu stepped out and left via the back door of the Duke Chen Mansion.

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