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Chapter 37

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Rays of warm spring sunshine illuminated her body gently, adding to her radiant beauty.

Having finished a poem, she put down her brush and turned over to look at the Dowager Duchess. It seemed as if there were fragments of light flowing about her clear, radiant eyes which glimmered brilliantly with every slight movement she made.

She stuck out her tongue. “Grandmother, I’m done writing, but I don’t think I wrote it well. I hope you don’t punish me,” she said.

Long Chi stared at her in a daze. He then squinted his eyes slightly.

He had never known that this dimwitted girl had such stunning visuals!


“This girl, you’re afraid of being punished by me?” the Dowager Duchess bellowed. Nonetheless, the look on her face softened as she got up to head over to the front of Lu Liangwei’s table, then proceeded to pick up the paper before her.

She began reciting lightly, “On this very day last year at this very gate, faces and cherry blossoms both bloomed red. The faces are now in places unknown, yet the cherry blossoms still beam in the spring wind,” she read.

When she finished reciting, the courtyard fell silent.

A moment later, the Dowager Duchess snapped out of her daze and stared at Lu Liangwei unblinkingly. “Girl, you composed this poem on your own?” she asked.

Lu Yunshuang clutched the handkerchief in her hand tightly, a sophisticated look flashing across her eyes.

How was it possible for this dimwitted girl to compose a poem when she could not even memorize a poem?

Aunt Zheng had the exact same thoughts. This pathetic girl was used to behaving in a capricious manner since her youth due to how much the Lord doted on her. She did not even read many books, how did she know how to compose poems?

In contrast to the scornful mother-daughter pair, Longchi took a few thoughtful glances toward Lu Liangwei.

‘The faces are now in places unknown, yet the cherry blossoms still beam in the spring wind?’

Assuming that he managed to grasp the connotations of Lu Liangwei’s poem, slight contempt glinted in his eyes.

This woman had previously expressed that she did not want to become his concubine. However, it was obvious that she had not forgotten him. Otherwise, why would she compose such a poem?

Seeing the Dowager Duchess’s eyes fill up with admiration, Lu Yunshuang was just about to expose Lu Liangwei when she started speaking.

“Grandmother, you’ve really overestimated me. How would I know how to compose a poem? I saw this poem from a book I read in the past and memorized it as I found it to be quite good,” she said.

Hearing what she had to say, the corners of Lu Yunshuang’s lips curved upward. At least this dimwitted girl had a clear understanding of her own abilities.

Upon hearing this, the Dowager Duchess was slightly disappointed, but when she thought about it from another perspective, this granddaughter of hers had never liked studying. How could she become so highly skilled within a day’s time?

Thinking that way, she felt relieved and caressed Lu Liangwei’s hair. “It is alright if you do not know how to compose poems. I am not demanding you to become a teacher. However, you must read more books daily as it’ll definitely benefit you greatly,” she said lovingly.

“Weiwei understands,” Lu Liangwei responded while appearing extremely obedient.

The Dowager Duchess felt even more delighted upon seeing this. “Grandmother has read a few books before as well. However, how have I never come across this poem that you’ve written down? Which book is it from?” she asked.

Lu Liangwei blinked. “I do not recall the book I saw it from, but if I do see it the next time, I’ll definitely send it over to Grandmother,” she said.

“Alright,” the Duchess Dowager nodded.

Dismal flitted across Lu Yunshuang’s eyes.

It was obvious that the poem she composed was way better than the poem Lu Liangwei copied from some unknown source. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the Dowager Duchess, there was only Lu Liangwei.

Deep in her heart, this made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Turning around, she saw Long Chi staring at Lu Liangwei thoughtfully. Beyond shocked, she was instantly filled with jealousy.

The Duchess Dowager was being like this, but even the Crown Prince had his attention on Lu Liangwei.

Lu Yunshuang gave Lu Liangwei a fierce, ruthless glare.

This dimwitted girl!

Noon followed soon after. The kitchen had already prepared the dishes and drinks, so everyone remained in the Longevity Hall to have their meal.

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