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Chapter 372: Wasn’t He Getting A Little Too Close

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Chapter 372: Wasn’t He Getting A Little Too Close

Lu Liangwei retracted her hand and looked at the brilliant jade bangle on her wrist.

On closer inspection, she noticed veins running through the jade. When the sun shone on it, it appeared transparent, and the blood-like veins within seemed to come alive.

Compared to Ji Linghui’s bangle, this was many times more beautiful.

Most importantly, one glance was enough to tell that this jade bangle was extremely valuable. Moreover, its translucency under the sun and rich color made it even more unique.

“This jade bangle is called Phoenix Blood Jade and is said to have been created after being soaked in phoenix blood. I thought that it suited you, so I brought it here.” Long Yang looked at her warmly.

He did not tell her that he had almost turned the storage room upside down to pick out a gift that suited her taste.

Lu Liangwei ran a hand over the bangle and said in amazement, “It’s called Phoenix Blood Jade? What a special name, but it’s a fitting one.”

“Yes. Phoenix Blood Jade is rare, and there’s only one of these in the whole world.” Long Yang beamed as if he was willing to give her the whole world if it made her happy. “Do you like it?”

Lu Liangwei’s fingers paused their stroking on the bangle. She looked up at him, nodded, and smiled sweetly. “Very much.” How could she not like such a precious and beautiful bangle?

“That’s good to hear.” Long Yang’s gaze fell on her crescent-shaped eyes, the corners of his mouth lifting. Zhao Qian was right—girls were sometimes very easily pleased.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to dinner.” With a smile, he took her other hand and walked toward the alley entrance.

Lu Liangwei kept looking at the Blood Jade on her wrist.

She was not particularly fond of jade ornaments, but this Phoenix Blood Jade caught her eye. She liked it so much that she did not even notice Long Yang holding her hand again.

Seeing her so pleased with it, Long Yang felt a sense of gratification that he had never felt before.

There was actually a lot of good stuff in the storage room, but every time Zhao Qian showed him something, he found it too ordinary, so he did not deliver a gift to her for quite some time.

This was the only satisfying gift he found after going to the storage room in person and searching for a long time.

Now that she was so happy with it, he felt that all his days of rummaging the storage room had been worthwhile.

Only when Chu Qi heard the sound of their footsteps fading away did he turn around and follow.

After having a meal at a restaurant, Lu Liangwei felt like going back.

Long Yang paused. “You want to head back this early?” His deep and unfathomable eyes gazed at her, incomprehensible emotions surging within them.

Lu Liangwei’s heart thumped, and she lowered her eyes, avoiding his gaze.

She knew that he had set state affairs aside and came all the way here just to see her.

Moreover, she had just received a gift from him. She wanted to stay with him for a while more, but her grandmother was coming back soon.

Grandmother had brought her to Tianzhu Mountain to avoid Long Yang.

If Grandmother knew that they met in private, she would not dare to say anything to Long Yang’s face because of his status as the Emperor, but she could always scold her granddaughter.

She did not want to anger the old woman.

“It’s getting late. Grandmother will be back soon,” Lu Liangwei could not help explaining.

Hearing this, Long Yang immediately understood. He put a hand on her shoulder and lowered his head to look at her. “Are you worried that your grandmother will punish you?”

His sudden intimacy made Lu Liangwei slightly uncomfortable. They were still on the street; wasn’t he getting a little too close?

Enduring the discomfort, she brushed his hand away. She did not answer his question directly and only said softly, “It’s not good for us to be like this.”

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