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Chapter 385: 385

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Chapter 385: A Little Jealous

Chu Jiu stopped in her tracks when she heard this, but remembering the demon in the room, she shook her head. “No thanks. You can have it all to yourself, Miss.”

Watching Chu Jiu walk away, Lu Liangwei then glanced at Zhu Yu. “What’s wrong with her?”

Zhu Yu shrugged. “I have no idea.” Looking at the dessert in her hands, she urged, “Miss, let’s go in and eat, or else it’s going to melt soon.” It was a good thing that Chu Jiu did not want to eat—she could have an extra serving.

Putting her thoughts aside, Lu Liangwei went indoors with her.

“Big Bro, why are you here?”

The moment she entered the room and saw Lu Tingchen sitting on the couch, she was a little surprised and pleased at the same time.

Lu Tingchen looked at her with a smile. “I came to see you.” There was not a single trace of hostility that he had shown toward Chu Jiu just now.

Lu Liangwei was overjoyed as she had also not seen him for a long time. She hurriedly said to him, “You’re in luck. I made sorbet today, but Chu Jiu doesn’t want to eat it, so you can have hers.”

“Chu Jiu?” Lu Tingchen narrowed his eyes. Was it that weird woman just now?

Lu Liangwei knew from his unfamiliar tone that he had obviously not met Chu Jiu before, so she explained, “The Emperor sent her to guard me. She was in here just now, didn’t you see her?”

Lu Tingchen was a little astonished to hear this.

He did not expect that the Emperor would send someone else to guard Weiwei.

“I did.” His tone was indifferent. Since the Emperor sent her, he would not throw her out.

He had wondered where such an arrogant and rude woman could have come from, and it turned out that the Emperor had sent her.

For the Emperor’s sake, he would forgive her graciously.

Lu Liangwei did not know about this incident and pressed her homemade sorbet into his hands. “This is watermelon-flavored. Have a taste, I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Lu Tingchen accepted it. Glancing at the bowl of red contents, he paused for a while, but the smell was unmistakably watermelon, so he took a spoonful and put it into his mouth.

An icy sensation spread through his mouth, instantly filling him with a delicious coolness and dissipating the heat all over his body.

Lu Tingchen’s dark eyes lit up and he immediately asked with interest, “What did you say this dessert was called?”

“Sorbet,” Lu Liangwei gave him a muffled reply as she ate her portion.

Hearing this, Lu Tingchen nodded. “That’s quite fitting.” The sorbet had a crunchy texture, but it was delicious, and more importantly, it relieved heat.

“But you can’t let Grandmother eat this,” he reminded.

“I know, so I didn’t bring it to her.” As Lu Liangwei spoke, she stuck her tongue out a little sheepishly.

Although Grandmother was too old to be eating this kind of frozen dessert, Lu Liangwei still felt like she was keeping the good stuff to herself.

After finishing their sorbets, the siblings sat together and chatted.

Lu Liangwei asked casually, “By the way, what’s the Emperor up to lately?”

Lu Tingchen glanced at her in amusement. “Why are you suddenly caring about the Emperor?”

Lu Liangwei could not stand his meaningful gaze and said indignantly, “What do you mean, suddenly caring about him? Didn’t I care about him before?”

Lu Tingchen was suddenly a little jealous. “You’re not even married yet, and you’re already thinking about your husband all day?”

Lu Liangwei retorted, “What’s wrong with asking a thing or two about him?”

The corners of Lu Tingchen’s mouth curved upward, and he said teasingly, “Are you admitting that you care about the Emperor?”

Lu Liangwei realized that she had fallen into his trap.

However, she really wanted to know about Long Yang’s recent situation, so she had no choice but to say shamelessly, “When have I ever denied that?”

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