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Chapter 39

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Lu Tingshen gave her a swift once-over and was secretly relieved when he saw that she was alright.

Removing his sword and throwing it onto the floor, he grabbed a chair and sat down.

“I’m hungry,” he said, a sullen look on his handsome face.

Lu Liangwei looked him over once, noticing the unconcealable weariness between his brows. Her heart lurched slightly as she immediately understood what was going on.

Lu Yunshuang and Long Chi had visited the Duke Mansion today. It was likely that he was worried about her and rushed over just to see if she was alright.

Warmth crept into her heart, but she chose not to expose him. She put her book down and stood up. “Then wait for a moment, Brother. I’ll cook a bowl of noodles for you,” she said.

Lu Tingshen wanted to tell her that she should just order the servants to do so instead, but he did not stop her since she had already gotten up and left the room.

Pondering upon this for a while, he got up and followed after her.

There was a small kitchen area in Dusklight Court. This was because Lu Liangwei was especially pampered in the past and did not like eating dishes from the main kitchen. Thus, she begged Lu Hetian to build an individual kitchen for her in her own courtyard.

Nevertheless, the cooks working in the small kitchen could not serve her well due to her picky taste buds. After changing the cooks for several rounds, they still could not find a suitable cook for her up till now. The small kitchen hence became an empty space.

After Lu Liangwei came, she tidied up the small kitchen and put it to use again.

She tended to cook something on her own whenever she felt like doing so. Therefore, food supplies were always prepared daily in the small kitchen.

Standing outside the kitchen, Lu Tingshen looked at his sister’s silhouette as she was busying around. He felt soft at heart as a gentleness washed over his eyes and brows, all his fatigue dissipating into thin air.

Not long after, Lu Liangwei carried a bowl of freshly made prawn noodles into the house.

Lu Tingshen was flipping through the medical book on her table with his brows knit into a tight frown.

The content of the medical book was difficult and profound. He really could not understand anything.

He did not understand how his sister could read the book.

He heard the sound of Lu Liangwei entering the house while being lost in his train of thought.

“Brother, it’s too late today so there weren’t any food supplies prepared. I could only cook a bowl of prawn noodles for you. Just bear with it and have this first,” she told him.

Lu Tingshen turned around and saw the bowl of prawn noodles in her hands. The bowl was steaming hot. Even before eating, he could smell its mouth-watering fragrance.

He immediately accepted the bowl from her as he was afraid that she’d burn herself.

Lu Liangwei sat aside as Lu Tingshen ate the noodles. She read the medical book while chatting with him casually.

Done with the bowl of noodles, Lu Tingshen raised his head just to be met with the sight of Lu Liangwei having fallen asleep while leaning on the chair.

He had returned late today. Lu Liangwei also spent an amount of time cooking the noodles for him, so it was already late into the night.

Lu Tingshen wanted to remind her of the Emperor’s birthday tomorrow and ensure she prepared well before entering the palace, but he did not wake her up after seeing her asleep.

He bent down and picked her up carefully, carrying her toward the inside of the house.

After setting her down, Lu Tingshen left Dusklight Court.

Hearing the door close, Lu Liangwei opened her eyes.

She was actually not sound asleep. She had woken up when Lu Tingshen carried her in his arms, but did not make a sound instinctively.

That was because she had discovered that she found some enjoyment and greed toward the feeling of being cherished by an older brother.

She did not feel too bad having a brother like this.

The day after was the Emperor’s birthday. Lu Liangwei did not dare to show any sign of neglect as Long Yang had specially mentioned Lu Liangwei’s name a few days ago, ordering her to enter the palace and attend the banquet.

It seemed that the Emperor did not deem her guilty for the incident in the reading room last time, but who knew if the Emperor had given her a demerit at heart? What if one day he recalled the incident and wanted her head?

Knowing that Lu Liangwei was going to enter the palace, the Dowager Duchess called for her to come to the Longevity Hall so that she could advise her attentively.

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