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Chapter 423: 423

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Chapter 423: Why Would I Dislike Them

Lu Hetian’s expression fell.

Lu Tingchen was also silent.

Lu Liangwei knew that they were both missing Madam Ling.

She clenched the handkerchief in her hand and broke the silence. “As long as Grandmother doesn’t dislike the fact that my cooking is rudimentary, I’ll make you longevity noodles every year on your birthday.”

A gratified look flashed across the Dowager Duchess’ face when she heard this. “It’s already wonderful that you are so filial, so why would I dislike them? Nevertheless, as you’ve made a promise, you’ll have to follow through. Otherwise, I’ll be hounding you about it.”

Lu Liangwei nodded and said seriously, “Alright. If I don’t follow through, I’ll be punished with not being allowed to enjoy good food.”

The Dowager Duchess laughed at this. “You’ll be married into the Palace soon. Even if you don’t keep your promise, how could I enter the Palace to catch you?”

Lu Liangwei looked quite serious. “Of course you can. Grandmother, you have the golden sword bestowed to you by the late Emperor. No one would be able to stop you, so you need not worry about me breaking my promise.”

The atmosphere of the room, which had become slightly dampened, suddenly felt lighter because Lu Liangwei changed the topic.

“Grandmother, why are you focusing on having a meal by yourself? I’m about to die of hunger if you don’t start serving food soon,” Lu Tingchen broke the silence as well.

The Dowager Duchess laughed as she scolded, “Just listen to the way he’s talking. It sounds like I’m a stingy person.”

Everyone laughed uproariously and even the sad look on Lu Hetian’s face diminished somewhat.

Eastern Palace.

Long Chi had just left the imperial court when a servant came reporting. “Beauty Chen’s mother has sent a note to us, requesting to see Beauty Chen.”

Long Chi went blank for a moment.

If the servant had not mentioned this, he would have almost forgotten that there was such a person in the Eastern Palace.

He paused. “If she wants to meet Beauty Chen, let her. Why would you inform me about this? This is such a small matter; the Crown Princess can make the decision.”

The servant hesitated before saying, “Beauty Chen has been missing for a few days. Her Highness has brought along some help to look for her.”

Long Chi stopped in his steps. “How can a living person go missing just like that?”

The servant nodded. “No one noticed it. If not for Beauty Chen’s mother suddenly requesting to see her, no one would have paid attention.”

After all, there was a bevy of beauties in the Eastern Palace, who would pay Beauty Chen extra attention?

Besides that, the Crown Prince did not summon Beauty Chen to serve him in the room during this time. He had been staying in the Crown Princess’ room all this while and everyone had almost forgotten about this person.

Long Chi suddenly remembered that he had given Beauty Chen a warrant to leave the Eastern Palace.

Could it be that Beauty Chen never returned since that day?

“Where’s the Crown Princess?” he asked in a lowered voice.

“In Beauty Chen’s courtyard,” the servant replied.

Long Chi immediately headed toward Beauty Chen’s courtyard.

The servant thought of something and quickly asked a follow-up question, “Your Highness, what do we do about Beauty Chen’s mother?”

“Get her to return home,” Long Chi said with a hint of annoyance.

“Yes, Your Highness,” the servant left to execute his order.

Even though Beauty Chen was not of high status, she was still the daughter of a concubine from the Duke Chen Family. Now that she had suddenly disappeared from the Eastern Palace, this might cause the imperial censor officials to impeach him.

Long Chi suddenly felt a headache coming on.

How did Lu Yunshuang even manage things?

The responsibility of managing the Eastern Palace, which was only such a meager size, was given to her, and this was the result she yielded.

She somehow did not even notice someone had gone missing for such a long time.

Lu Yunshuang had not expected Aunt Liu to come knocking so soon.

By right, Aunt Liu should not have found out about Chen Qiyu going missing. Why would she suddenly send in a note for no reason to see Chen Qiyu?

Lu Yunshuang was contemplating this when she suddenly spotted Long Chi walking in from outside the courtyard.

She quickly gathered her thoughts and went forward to welcome him. “What are you doing here, Your Highness?”

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