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Chapter 427: 427

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Chapter 427: He Didn’t Interrupt Master’s Moment, Did He

“Is it really that hot?” Long Yang burst out laughing when he saw her fanning herself so forcefully.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “It really is.”

Long Yang paused, then abruptly took her hand in his.

Lu Liangwei instantly felt a cool sensation flowing into her through the fingers he was holding.

She stopped fanning herself and stared curiously at their entwined hands.

How odd. She was still feeling hot a moment ago, but now she could detect traces of coolness coming from where he was touching her, and she even felt a cool chill throughout her entire body.

“What’s in your hand?” Bubbling with curiosity, she turned his hand over and tried to check.

However, before she could identify anything peculiar, Long Yang suddenly pulled her, making her topple onto him.

“My body’s very cool as well. Do you want to check?” Long Yang’s deep eyes glinted with a hint of a smile, and his tone was somewhat seductive.

Lu Liangwei immediately stiffened as she lay against him, her entire face flushing rapidly at his words.

How bold Long Yang was to say this. He could easily be suspected of attempting to abduct an underage girl.

If they were not engaged, she would definitely treat him as a lecher.

Even so, she still scowled and reprimanded him, “How indecent of you, Your Majesty!” She then got off him cautiously for fear of touching something that should not be touched.

It was more than enough to experience that kind of embarrassment just once.

“How am I indecent?” Seeing that she was still blushing while trying to scowl, the corners of Long Yang’s mouth lifted cheerfully.

After keeping a good distance from him, Lu Liangwei sat upright, suppressed the heat on her face, and said through pursed lips, “We haven’t reached that stage yet. Please be careful with your words, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang was amused listening to her reproachful tone.

Every time, her reactions would subvert his expectations, which was entertaining indeed.

Under normal circumstances, he thought that she would be shy. The outcome was, she was probably a little embarrassed but not to the point of speaking incoherent words or outright ignoring him.

This girl could still maintain her composure and lecture him.

Moreover, when she dished out her scoldings, her small face was grim, and her expression unusually stern. She was simply adorable no matter how he looked at her.

“Are you angry?” Long Yang pinched her cheek.

Lu Liangwei slapped his hand away. “No, I just think that Your Majesty shouldn’t be such an improper person. If we weren’t engaged, and you said something like that, I might have hit you.” Her tone was blunt.

Long Yang could not help but silently reflect. Had he really been too indecent with his words just now?

He just wanted to tease her for the fun of it.

“You’re right, Second Miss Lu. Thank you for teaching me a lesson.”

When Lu Liangwei saw that he had admitted his mistake, her face relaxed. “Then you mustn’t do that again.”

“Yes,” Long Yang answered absent-mindedly. At the very least, he would not overstep before the wedding. However, she would have no reason to resist him after that.

Right then, there was a knock on the house’s closed doors.

“Master, I’ve brought what you asked for.”

“Bring it in,” Long Yang said calmly.

Lu Liangwei glanced at him suspiciously. What did he ask Zhao Qian to bring over?

The doors of the house were pushed open by Zhao Qian from the outside.

He was holding a food box in his hands and lowered his gaze respectfully, only staring at the path in front of him, never daring to look around.

After putting the box on the table, he left quickly and shut the open doors of the house once again.

Had he come in at the right time? He did not interrupt Master’s moment, did he?

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