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Chapter 438: 438

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Chapter 438: She Felt Cold All Over

There was an endless stream of customers for her to service, and all who came seemed to have been instructed to ask for her.

Those customers who came to her were all beasts. They did so many different things to her that she could no longer take it.

“Mei’er, I don’t want to hold on any longer…”

Mei’er was anxious. “Would you be willing to let go just like that? You could have been the Crown Prince’s favorite concubine. If not for Lu Yunshuang, you would have never suffered such pain.”

At the mention of Lu Yunshuang, hatred and rage instantaneously lit up in Chen Qiyu’s eyes.

Mei’er was right. She was in this predicament because of Lu Yunshuang.

From the moment she received Aunt Liu’s letter, she had walked into Lu Yunshuang’s trap.

She and Mei’er had left the Eastern Palace. They were planning to visit a medical hall to check if she was pregnant. They ended up being knocked unconscious before even reaching the medical hall, and were smuggled out of the capital city.

She did not have concrete proof, but other than Lu Yunshuang, there was no other person she could think of who would want to harm her.

Furthermore, the people here merely said she had offended a noble person, and warned her to be obedient otherwise she would suffer.

They even said that she loved to seduce men, and now she was getting what she had wished for.

Mei’er finally saw her listening attentively and felt relieved. She continued, “Miss, a living dog is better than a dead lion. Only by staying alive that we can revenge on those who hurt us.”

Chen Qiyu held her hand. She was about to say something when the room door was suddenly pushed open.

A man, with average-looking features, walked in.

“I heard you’re the Crown Prince’s favorite concubine?” The man blatantly looked at Chen Qiyu’s body up and down. His intentions were laid bare without any attempts at hiding them.

Chen Qiyu felt cold all over.

She was just done with the previous man, and now, here was another one.

She dug her fingers tightly into her palms to stop herself from breaking down.

Her voice shuddered as she spoke, “Since you know that I’m the Crown Prince’s favorite concubine, you should stay away from me. If the Crown Prince finds out about this, you won’t end up well.”

The man strode forward and pushed away Mei’er, who was standing between him and Chen Qiyu. He grabbed Chen Qiyu’s face. “The Crown Prince’s concubine does indeed look like a seductress. I’ve never known the taste of a Crown Prince’s favorite concubine. I’ll take it even if it does not end well for me…”

With that, he stripped away the blanket covering Chen Qiyu’s body.

The look on Chen Qiyu’s face tightened. She knew she would only end up suffering if she struggled. She had already ended up looking the part, anyway.

She held in her humiliation as she pushed the man onto the bed. “My dear sir, how could I allow you to exert yourself. Please allow this concubine to service you…”

The man was delighted as he grabbed her in his arms hungrily.

Mei’er turned her teary face away.

The man noticed Mei’er’s delicate features and took a sudden interest in her. He grabbed her hand with a look of lust in his eyes. “You are pretty, little lady. If I can have both of you serve me together and make me happy, I might put in a good word to your supervisor to let you rest for a few days…”

Mei’er was slightly tempted when she heard this. If she was able to help her Miss rest for a few days…

Her fingers felt around her waist in an attempt to take off her belt.

The expression on Chen Qiyu’s face changed as she quickly pulled Mei’er behind her. She smiled patronizingly at the man. “Sir, she’s just a servant and is dumb as a block of wood. She won’t know how to please you, wouldn’t it be better for me to serve you?”

The man seemed to have taken a fancy to Mei’er. He pushed Chen Qiyu aside. “So what if she doesn’t know how to please me, she looks cleaner than you.”

With that, he began to tug at Mei’er’s dress.

Fear appeared on Mei’er’s face, but at the thought of the man’s promise, she stood strong and did not dare to retreat.

Her voice trembled as she spoke, “Sir, please remember to keep your promise…”

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