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Chapter 440: 440

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Chapter 440: Incredible Stamina

They ignored her, and after finishing off the secret guards, they retreated into the shadows.

Soon, the previous guard brought the supervisor over.

The supervisor sneered when he saw Chen Qiyu, but before he could speak, he found a cold and sharp sword pointing at his throat.

The supervisor was horrified.

Just then, the closed courtyard doors were opened from the inside. There was a sea of blazing torches outside, and a troop quickly burst in and surrounded the courtyard without leaving room for escape.

“Who are you?” The supervisor asked in a trembling voice.

However, no one answered him. They kicked open the doors of the rooms one by one in an orderly and swift manner, and the people inside were all tied up and hurled into the courtyard.

“I didn’t expect that the court was feeding a bunch of people like you. My good subordinates, indeed!”

At those words, the tied-up officials looked toward the source of the voice in terror.

A figure turned around slowly.

Under the firelight, the man’s handsome face came into view. He was as majestic and dignified as a god, and at this moment, he was staring at them icily.

Everyone’s faces drained of color when they saw the person.

The, the Emperor…

Everyone was appalled.

Right now, they only had one thought in their minds, and that was, they were screwed…

Long Yang’s gaze swept over the group of disheveled officials. They usually spoke of righteousness and virtue and seemed perfectly fair and honest, but they turned out to be like this behind closed doors.

Even the Imperial Censorate, who was known for his integrity, was among them.

Long Yang laughed coldly. “If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes today, I’d have thought that you were all pillars of the country.”

Just then, a covert guard presented a ledger to Long Yang.

Long Yang took it and opened it. When he saw the name on it, he frowned.

The Grand Duke Mansion.

It was a cloudy day, and there was not a single ray of sunlight. It looked like it was going to rain soon.

Lu Liangwei was playing badminton with the Dowager Duchess in the courtyard of Longevity Hall.

Just when they were getting into the game, Zhu Yu suddenly ran in anxiously.

“Miss, Miss…”

Lu Liangwei saw her but did not react and continued hitting the shuttlecock back and forth with the Dowager Duchess.

Although this badminton racket was not as good as the modern one, she was already satisfied to have something like this in ancient times.

Seeing that Miss was still ignoring her after she had yelled for a long time, Zhu Yu could not help feeling anxious. She took a few steps closer and whispered, “Miss, the Duke Chen Family’s property has been confiscated and seized. There are nearly a hundred people altogether in the mansion. All of them have been imprisoned and will be beheaded soon.”

Lu Liangwei was startled and her actions paused when she heard this.

Why was the Duke Chen Family’s property confiscated and seized and the family members imprisoned so suddenly?

Because of the momentary distraction, she lost a point.

The Dowager Duchess was triumphant. “Haha, that’s three to four. You lost another point, Weiwei.”

Coming back to her senses, Lu Liangwei was a little discouraged. “That’s not fair, Grandmother.”

The Dowager Duchess walked over grimly with her racket in hand and tapped her on the bottom with it. “What do you mean, that’s not fair? You were the one who wasn’t playing seriously, and you blame others when you lose. Does anyone even behave like you?”

Lu Liangwei hurriedly dodged and admitted defeat ruefully, “Alright, alright, I lost. Happy now?”

“You lost in the first place. You were the one who didn’t want to admit defeat even though you played worse,” the Dowager Duchess scolded her.

Lu Liangwei quickly surrendered. “You’re right, Grandmother. I played worse. You’re still so energetic, and you have such incredible stamina it puts me to shame. It’s better if I let Aunt Lan play with you.” With that, she handed her racket to Aunt Lan. “Don’t go easy on her, Aunt Lan.”

Aunt Lan took it with a grin.

The Dowager Duchess immediately flew into a rage. “Watch your mouth, girl. Why should I need Aunt Lan to go easy on me? Come, Lil Lan, let’s have a competition!”

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