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Chapter 446: 446

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Chapter 446: Ascend The Throne When The Time Comes

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When she thought about this, her heart sank even lower.

Although she had the Empress Dowager backing her up, this situation still exceeded her expectations.

What went wrong and led the Emperor to discover the brothels?

Lu Yunshuang was horrified.

She thought that she had performed those endeavors discreetly enough, and she had been doing them for so long without being discovered. How did the Emperor find out now?


“I understand,” Lu Yunshuang replied in a trembling voice.

Seeing that the girl was a little frightened, Empress Dowager Xiaojing reassured her, “There’s no need to be afraid. So what if the Emperor knows? How many days does he have left? If those jobs are getting too troublesome, you don’t need to do them anymore. Chi’er has already secured his position as the Heir Apparent, anyway, and he can ascend the throne when the time comes.”

Although discontinuing these businesses meant terminating their path to wealth, she had already accumulated enough over the years. Chi’er was already the Heir Apparent, anyway. Once that annoying b*stard Long Yang was dead, Chi’er would be able to ascend the throne, and she would by default become the Grand Empress Dowager and enjoy a life of supreme glory.

With that thought in mind, her tone became kinder. “You’ve also worked hard for so long. It’s time for you to take a break.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s expression was warm when she spoke, and people would think that she was an amiable and approachable empress dowager.

However, Lu Yunshuang knew that this was only one of Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s many faces.

“Of course.” Lu Yunshuang bowed her head even more reverently, but she actually did not dare to look up at her.

Long before marrying Long Chi, Lu Yunshuang had already been working for the Empress Dowager.


To ensure that Long Chi would become the Heir Apparent smoothly, the Empress Dowager had been terribly ruthless in the beginning.

She had the dirt on many court officials and bribed them with both beautiful women and riches. Therefore, they eventually had no choice but to submit a report jointly asking the Emperor to make Long Chi the Crown Prince.

Of course, Lu Liangwei also contributed to this.

Back then, Lu Liangwei’s infatuation with Long Chi was the talk of the imperial capital. Moreover, given how pampered Lu Liangwei was by her father and grandmother, any perceptive person would think that Long Chi would surely ascend the throne in the future.

After all, the Grand Duke Family held extraordinary status in the court, and Lu Liangwei’s father had command over the military, hence the news about his daughter made many hesitant people more convinced.

In the very beginning, those brothels existed to help Long Chi become the Heir Apparent.

Now that Long Chi was already Crown Prince, those brothels could cease to exist.

That was why the Empress Dowager was still able to speak in such a relaxed manner.

Besides, the Emperor’s days were numbered. What else did they have to worry about?


Thinking of this, Lu Yunshuang finally let go of the anxiety in her heart.

“I’ll obey whatever you have planned, Royal Grandmother.” Her tone got even more respectful.

Xiaojing was very satisfied to see this.

She had handpicked Lu Yunshuang in the first place because she noticed that the girl was different from most young ladies. She possessed a viciousness and decisiveness that other ladies did not.

Although her birth was not of high nobility, she was still the Grand Duke’s daughter and could pass as a match for her Chi’er.

“I heard that you had a miscarriage last time. You really need to take good care of your body. You’re still young, and you can always get pregnant again,” Empress Dowager Xiaojing took her hand and said gently.

Lu Yunshuang’s heart thumped. “Thank you for your concern, Royal Grandmother.”

Abruptly, Empress Dowager Xiaojing changed the subject. “Those beauties in the Eastern Palace are still quite well-behaved.”


Lu Yunshuang nodded.. “They’re sensible and well-mannered.”

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