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Chapter 447: 447

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Chapter 447: Was She Such A Glutton

Empress Dowager Xiaojing said with a smile, “They are all concubines, you don’t need to worry about them. Their main role is to produce additional heirs for the royal family. You are the Crown Princess, and you should have the tolerance of others. Recently Chi’er has been staying at your place, right? You have to persuade Chi’er to walk around in other beauties’ room. Sometimes, you have to give others some opportunities as well, otherwise, they might think that you are jealous.”

Lu Yunshuang dropped her gaze. “Granddaughter-in-law obeys the Grand Empress Dowager’s command.” She sneered in her heart, ‘Why would Long Chi need her advice? If she had not done something, he would have slept with each and every one of the beauties in the Eastern Palace.’

How could she think that he was affectionate for herself and never changed his mind?

What a huge joke!

Truly, when you steal something from someone else, you too have to worry about it being stolen from you.

Lu Yunshuang felt terribly hated in her heart, but there was nothing she could do.

At least, Long Chi was the Crown Prince. The Great Shang Kingdom would soon fall into his hands, and her identity would rise with the tide correspondingly.

Thus, she was even more eager to have a child to consolidate her position.

She would not let those women give birth to an emperor heir before her.

Xiaojing sighed, “Don’t be so cautious, I’m doing this for your own good.”

Lu Yunshuang immediately felt touched, “Granddaughter-in-law understands.”

Xiaojing patted her hand gently, “It’s good that you understand. Rest early and you have to settle everything tomorrow morning. Be sure it leaves no trace.”

“Yes.” Lu Yunshuang respectfully answered.

After she returned to the monastic room that Empress Dowager Xiaojing had arranged for her, the expression on her face suddenly turned gloomy.

Damn old woman, kept claiming that it was for her own good, in fact, was she still trying to control her?

Now, it was all about her sexual activity with Long Chi.

Lu Yunshuang looked extremely gloomy. She was scrupulous, and did not dare to vent her anger.

In the future, she would definitely be out of this pocket!

She would let that old woman know that Lu Yunshuang was not so easy to be taken advantage of.

The next day, Lu Liangwei took Chu Jiu and Zhu Yu out.

Youyou sent the news that a suitable store had been found, and she planned to go over to take a look.

However, not long after the three of them left the house, they saw Zhao Qian drive a carriage over.

He was in ordinary attire today with his portly body huddled on the carriage, which was funny.

Zhao Qian saw Lu Liangwei from afar, and he greeted her, “Second Miss.”

After he stopped the carriage, he quickly jumped off from it and looked at Lu Liangwei in a charmingly naive manner.

Lu Liangwei paused, “Why are you here, Butler Zhao?” Her eyes could not help but glance at the tightly closed carriage curtain.

Zhao Qian said with a smile, “We are here to take Second Miss to go to the imperial holiday home.”

“What’s the purpose of going to the imperial holiday home?”

Zhao Qian immediately replied, “The fish in our imperial holiday home have been carefully fed for a long time, and they are most delicious at this time of the year. So, Second Miss can go fishing.”

“I don’t like fishing.” Lu Liangwei said flatly.

Zhao Qian became dazed for a moment and immediately said, “It doesn’t matter if Second Miss doesn’t like fishing, you just have to eat it. The fish in our imperial holiday home has a delicate flavor, and you can’t buy it outside. Whether it is soup or braised, it is scrumptious. Second Miss will definitely love it.”

The corner of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. Was she such a glutton?

Why did all of them seduce her with delicious food?

She actually liked gold, OK?

Why did they not seduce her with gold?

Lu Liangwei looked at him with some disappointment.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Qian, who was stunned, asked as he thought to himself, ‘ Second Miss did not like fish anymore? What else was there in the imperial holiday home at this time?’

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