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Chapter 450: 450

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Chapter 450: I Really Do Treat You Like A Father

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Something seemed to grip Long Yang’s heart as he looked into those beautiful dark, bright eyes of hers. His heart ached and expanded for her. It took him quite some time before he managed to say, “Weiwei, let’s have a child after we get married.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

The topic of the conversation changed too fast for her to keep up.

Why was he mentioning having a child for no apparent reason?

Her face burned as it flushed red. She could not help muttering in a quiet voice, “I’m still a child myself…”

“I’m not young anymore,” Long Yang sighed softly. He was already thirty years old and there was not even a guarantee he could get Weiwei pregnant. If it turned out he was unable to and he happened to pass before her, what would become of her? With him gone and without a child, she would end up alone and defenseless.

She needed to have a child for her future to be guaranteed.. Otherwise, if Long Chi ended up inheriting the throne, he would…

A murderous look suddenly flashed in Long Yang’s eyes at the thought of the possibility.

Although, he was convinced that he was not overthinking this.

It was a foolish move on Long Chi’s part for letting Weiwei go, but it was hard to rule out that he would not regret his decision after witnessing how wonderful Weiwei truly was.

Long Yang had felt uncomfortable about the slight change of attitude Long Chi had toward Weiwei at the imperial garden the last time.

Weiwei was only fifteen this year. If there came a day when Long Yang passed away before Weiwei and Long Chi inherited the throne, would Long Chi bestow Weiwei the title of Empress Dowager and treat her with the appropriate respect, or would he just seize Weiwei for himself?

Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly at the thought of the latter possibility as a chilling aura emanated about him.

For some reason, a wave of sadness fell over Lu Liangwei when she heard Long Yang talk about how he was no longer young.

It was true. He was fifteen years older than she was.

He would leave before she did…

She stopped the wild thoughts in her head and hugged his arm, consoling him, “You’re actually still quite young. You’re only thirty, not seventy or eighty.”

Long Yang’s gloomy mood suddenly took a turn for the better. His fingers hooked her chin as he said, “If you stop addressing me with such respectful terms, I would probably feel younger. How could I not feel older when you speak to me so formally like I’m a senior?”

Lu Liangwei laughed when she heard this. “Your Majesty, you’re so funny…”

“Hmm?” Long Yang gave her a hostile stare.

Lu Liangwei had no choice but to say, “Fine, I’ll take note next time.”

However, she could not help saying at a thought, “I really do treat you like a father…”

Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed sharply. “Lu Liangwei!”

Lu Liangwei’s heart shuddered as she quickly said, “I’m just joking with you.”

Long Yang grabbed her in his arms and lowered his head to kiss her.

Lu Liangwei tried avoiding it, but failed. She eventually relented.

After the long, deep kiss had ended, Long Yang squeezed the girl in his arms and said huskily, “Your father is much older than I am. You’re not allowed to regard me in the same category as your father.”

Lu Liangwei did not want to give in. She replied breathlessly, “You’re being ridiculous. My father isn’t old at all. He’s still quite young.”

“Is that so? He’s already thirty-eight,” Long Yang frowned. He really did not like the idea of Lu Hetian having a higher status than he did in Weiwei’s heart.

“He’s only eight years older than you are,” Lu Liangwei retorted.

“If thirty-eight is still considered young, doesn’t that make me younger since I’m only thirty?” Long Yang said with a hint of delight.

Lu Liangwei gave him a sidelong glance.

“If that makes you feel better, that’s fine as well.”

“Didn’t you just say that I’m still young?” Long Yang stared at her, fully poised to teach her a lesson should she say anything that went against that statement.

Lu Liangwei was quite practical in her reply. “Your Majesty is young and handsome, charming and elegant. You are at the peak of your prime…”

“Are you possessed by Zhao Qian?” Long Yang could not help retorting as he raised an eyebrow.

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