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Chapter 451: 451

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Chapter 451: What Was Long Yang Scheming With This

“What do you need, Master?” Lu Liangwei asked in a high-pitched voice.

Zhao Qian, who was driving the horse carriage from the outside, nearly fell off his seat.

His voice was not that shrill, was it?

Second Miss Lu was exaggerating too much.

Long Yang held the mischievous girl in his arms inside the carriage. He flicked her lightly on the forehead with his fingers. “You naughty thing!”

Lu Liangwei pulled a face at him, which tickled Long Yang’s royal heart.

Zhao Qian heard the low laughter coming from inside, thinking there must be something wrong with his ears.

He could not believe that his master would ever laugh so heartily. It seemed like Second Miss Lu was truly someone who brought joy to him.

If his master was happy, as a servant, Zhao Qian would also be happy.

His master had lived a life of inhibition and was even plagued by a terrible sickness. Now that he had Second Miss Lu by his side and was in healthy shape, it would be wonderful if he could always stay this happy from now onward.

If Second Miss Lu had requested for the sun right now, his master would definitely find a way to shoot it down for her.

In the horse carriage, Lu Liangwei was also stunned when she heard Long Yang laughing so heartily.

She rested in his arms as she felt his chest vibrate. A strange feeling welled within her.

He was not someone who liked to laugh. He was often quite intimidating when he maintained a stoic expression, but he looked really handsome and elegant when he was laughing.

That said, did she say something funny just now?

All she did was imitate the way Butler Zhao spoke, and that was enough to make him laugh so merrily?

She pursed her lips as her fingers unconsciously twirled his hair that fell on the side of his shoulder.



Long Yang tightened his arms around her as he looked into the young girl’s eyes, which shone brightly like a colored glaze. A small smile began to appear on his lips. “Nothing. I just felt like calling out to you.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at him. “Oh.”

She remembered something and abruptly spoiled the atmosphere by saying, “By the way, did you find Beauty Chen when you went to the brothel in Xiawu?”

Long Yang paused. “Yes.”

Lu Liangwei looked at him. That would be an affirmation from him, right? She quickly asked a follow-up question. “What did you do with her?”

“I sent her back to the Eastern Palace,” Long Yang’s tone turned nonchalant.

Lu Liangwei looked at him in astonishment. “Sent her back to the Eastern Palace?”

That did not sound right. Chen Qiyu had been locked in that kind of a place for quite a while. Her reputation had clearly been tarnished, yet Long Yang still sent her back to the Eastern Palace?

What was Long Yang scheming with this?

“Beauty Chen is pregnant,” Long Yang replied indifferently.

Lu Liangwei hit a realization.

Chen Qiyu was already with child. It can only belong to Long Chi. Was that why Long Yang sent her back to the Eastern Palace?

“What happens next will be good.” A smile appeared on her lips. She did not even bother to hide her amusement over upcoming troubles that would brew.

The expression on Long Yang’s face relaxed slightly as he pinched her face. “Do you really wish to see the Crown Prince in trouble?”

“Am I such a person? I’m just feeling sorry for her,” Lu Liangwei replied with a serious expression. She was not about to admit what a mean person she was.

Long Yang was tickled by her response. He had initially thought that she would feel worried for the Crown Prince. It looked like he had been troubled for nothing.

“Tell me honestly, did you do that on purpose, Your Majesty?” Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrow slightly.

Long Yang was getting slightly exasperated at her habit of using respectful terms when addressing him. “I just can’t bear to see a descendant of the royal family being left homeless out there.”

Lu Liangwei sniggered. Was he the kind of person who would care about the descendants of a member of the royal family? He was clearly planning to create trouble for Lu Yunshuang.

Lu Yunshuang had always wanted a child of her own, but had never gotten her wish. Meanwhile, Chen Qiyu had gotten pregnant so easily.

Moreover, Chen Qiyu had been harmed so tragically by a certain someone. Now that she was able to return, she would undoubtedly clash heads directly with Lu Yunshuang.

“Your Majesty, your nose will grow if you lie.”

Long Yang pinched her nose and teased, “Well, why didn’t yours grow then?”

Lu Liangwei reacted to his words and glared at him. “I wasn’t the one lying.”

Long Yang’s heart trembled slightly as he laid his burning gaze upon her. “Are you sure?”

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