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Chapter 454: 454

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Chapter 454: Making Impertinent Remarks To The Future Empress

Chen Xuping was sitting in a daze at the corner and suddenly lifted his head when he heard this.

Just as he expected, a few people were standing outside the prison cell with a young girl in the front, which was Lu Liangwei.

An unmistakable look of murder appeared in Chen Xuping’s eyes when he saw her. He suddenly stood up and rushed toward the metal door of the prison cell.

“Lu Liangwei!”

A sneer appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips when she saw the extremely disheveled man who no longer resembled the handsome, dignified man he once was. “Chen Xuping, does it feel good to be a prisoner?”

Chen Xuping was handcuffed and any slight pull would evoke a piercing sound.

“Lu Liangwei, you venomous woman. How dare you come here?”

Lu Liangwei laughed coldly. “I can go wherever I want to. What can you do about it? You, on the other hand, have been in here for a few days, and yet continue to act so stupidly. You’ve now put your entire family’s life on the line, yet you refuse to repent and open your eyes. Chen Xuping, you are truly a scumbag!”

Chen Xuping glared viciously at her. If not for the metal bars stopping him, he would have torn this woman apart.

“Lu Liangwei, you venomous woman! It’s not enough for you to harm Lu Yunshuang, you had to make her suffer a miscarriage as well. You deserve a terrible death!”

There was an indifferent look on Lu Liangwei’s face. She was not surprised that he would think this way. “Did Lu Yunshuang tell you this?”

“The heavens are watching you! You know very well what you have done!” Chen Xuping glared at her with rage and disgust.

Lu Liangwei could not help but laugh. “Of course I know very well what I’ve done. You, on the other hand, have done so many evil things yet refuse to repent. How different are you from an animal? Don’t think that this matter would be covered up just because you’ve taken the blame for all of Lu Yunshuang’s crimes.”

Chen Xuping felt his heart fall as he clenched his teeth and glared at her. “Stop uttering nonsense. Would you believe I’ll tear you apart?”

At that, the prison guard standing at the side immediately whipped at him before Lu Liangwei replied.

“How dare you! How dare you act so impertinently toward Second Miss Lu?! You’re asking for death!”

At that, he whipped Chen Xuping viciously for quite a while.

Chen Xuping’s hands and feet were cuffed and he was not able to evade the whipping aimed at him. He fell to the ground from it.

The sound of the whip striking him on the flesh sounded exceptionally painful, but no one present begged for mercy on his behalf.

When the prison guard noticed Lu Liangwei did not stop him, he whipped even harder.

It looked like this fellow had offended Second Miss Lu.

The prison guard would naturally grab at the opportunity to do something that might please the future Empress.

Lu Liangwei watched coldly, unmoved by it all. It was only until she noticed that the young girl, who was standing and watching next to her, was grasping on to the metal bars so tight that her knuckles had turned pale that Lu Liangwei told the prison guard, “That’s enough. You can leave.”

The prison guard finally stopped. He nodded and bowed at Lu Liangwei. “Understood. Please feel free to let me know if you need anything, Second Miss.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Alright, thank you.”

The prison guard left after that.

Chen Xuping laid on the ground, bloody all over and on the verge of death.

Lu Liangwei did not even want to take another look at him, but said anyway, “Chen Xuping, I know you love Lu Yunshuang deeply, but you’re just too incredibly stupid. You’ve stupidly allowed yourself to be made use of, yet remain unaware of the truth. Pity you, death is calling for you and you’re still helping to cover up her crimes wholeheartedly. Sad and pitiful!”

Chen Xuping was dying but he became agitated when he heard what she said. “Lu Liangwei, you b*t…”

Before he could finish the word, a sharp sword with a glaring cold light was pressed against his throat.

Chu Jiu stared at him with a stoic expression.

Making impertinent remarks to the future Empress was not absolvable with mere death.

Lu Liangwei patted Chu Jiu’s shoulder and smiled as she looked at Chen Xuping. “Can’t wait to kill me, can you? Unfortunately for you, you will never have that opportunity.”

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