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Chapter 468: With His Majesty’s Love For You

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Chapter 468: With His Majesty’s Love For You

“Her life is in my hands. You have no choice but to trust me.” The man in black said as the sharp dagger in his hand pressed onto Lin Qingyuan’s neck without hesitance. More blood seeped out of her, and the front of Lin Qingyuan’s dress instantly turned red.

Lu Liangwei frowned. She suddenly threw the box forcefully to the side without any hesitation.

Seeing this, the man in black immediately pushed Lin Qingyuan away. He lunged forward to snatch the box.

Chu Jiu made a move at the same moment.

Both went for the box at the same time.

Lu Liangwei grabbed Lin Qingyuan and made a run for it.

It did not matter if Chu Jiu was able to retrieve the box. The only thing she could do was not to give Chu Jiu additional trouble.

She was worried the man in black would turn back and use her and Lin Qingyuan to threaten Chu Jiu.

It did not matter even if they could not get the box back.

At most, Long Yang would not be able to sentence Lu Yunshuang guilty.

Both of them left the Duke Chen Mansion quickly.

Lu Liangwei was about to summon some guards to go in and help Chu Jiu when she stepped out just behind them.

She looked terribly upset as she said apologetically at Lu Liangwei. “Second Miss, the box has been taken.”

Lu Liangwei patted her shoulder. “Let it be, it’s fine as long as everyone is okay.”

Chu Jiu was still brooding. She stayed silent and did not say another word.

“It’s really fine. That man in black came prepared. He must have been hiding in the dark by the time we entered the Duke Chen Mansion. Seeing us finding the box, he came out to snatch it from us. We were unprepared. The most important thing is that none of us are hurt.”

Chu Jiu’s expression turned better. “Alright.”

Lin Qingyuan’s face was still slightly pale. She twiddled her fingers, feeling unsettled.

Lu Liangwei knew what she was thinking. “Don’t worry too much.”

Lin Qingyuan’s lips moved, and said with slight stiffness. “If we are unable to prove that Chen Xuping was not the only mastermind behind this, the other Duke Chen Family members would be forced to be sacrificed and die together with him.”

Lu Liangwei did not know what to say.

Punishment in the olden days was extremely tyrannical. One man’s crimes could severely implicate the entire family and clan.

This was what was known as the nine kinship exterminations.

Lin Qingyuan looked at her and hesitated before continuing. “Putting Chen Xuping aside who did me wrong, Duke Chen is a good man who treats me well. Our families have been friends for generations too…”

Lu Liangwei knew she could not bear it. She patted Lin Qingyuan’s hand and said, “I understand what you are going through, but this is something that even I can’t help you with.”

Lin Qingyuan replied anxiously, “No, with His Majesty’s love for you, if you could…”

“Lin Qingyuan!” Lu Liangwei instantly interrupted her words.

“Even if His Majesty treats me well, I cannot be conceited and influence his decisions. Even if I could, I would never do something like that and put him on the spot. You shouldn’t say anything anymore.”

With that, she left with Chu Jiu.

Seeing that, Lin Qingyuan felt anxious and slightly ashamed. She gave chase and called out, “Lu Liangwei.”

Lu Liangwei slowed down.

Lin Qingyuan caught up and grabbed her hands, huffing as she said, “Please don’t be angry. I had a moment of desperation. Don’t take it to heart, please?” She knew it was too much of her to make such a request.

She gave a slightly helpless look at Lu Liangwei as she thought about this.

Lu Liangwei sighed. “Fine, I understand. You shouldn’t feel anxious. I hope you don’t act on impulse.”

Lin Qingyuan nodded dejectedly.

Lu Liangwei could not help but console her when she saw Lin Qingyuan acting that way. “I believe His Majesty will make his own judgment on the matter. If Duke Chen has no connection to this affair, His Majesty will sort it out fairly. Things might not be as terrible as you think. I believe that the Duke Chen Family would not be able to get away clean, but at the very least, they won’t be sentenced to death and would be sent to exile instead.”

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