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Chapter 477: 477

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Chapter 477: React Violently

“Bring us some tea, Zhao Qian,” Long Yang ordered Zhao Qian.

Zhao Qian immediately went out.

“Have a seat, Grand Duke,” Long Yang then turned and said to Lu Hetian.

Seeing that there were so many people here, Lu Hetian decided that Long Yang would not dare to do anything indecent to Weiwei and finally relaxed.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

While Long Yang was serving Lu Hetian tea, there was suddenly the sound of cheering in the hall.

Both of them looked over only to see that a bird had appeared on Lu Liangwei’s hand, which had been holding the handkerchief before this.

Even Zhao Qian could not help being amazed. “How did you do it, Second Miss?”

Lu Liangwei winked. “Take a guess.” While talking to Zhao Qian, she noticed that Wanyan Zhi, who had been burying his face in Long Qingzhi’s arms, was staring straight at the yellow bird in her hand with one eye.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei brought the bird closer to him and said gently, “Do you want to pet it, Zhi’er? Its feathers are really soft and nice to touch.”

Wanyan Zhi’s long lashes trembled as he continued to stare at the yellow bird.

Lu Liangwei smiled, but she did not force him and loosened her grip instead.

Having regained its freedom, the yellow bird fluttered its wings and flew away.

Wanyan Zhi’s breath hitched, and he tightened his hold on his mother’s dress, staring in the direction where the yellow bird flew off.

Lu Liangwei noted his inconspicuous reaction. “Birds also desire freedom just like us humans. We’ll feel uncomfortable if we stay cooped up in the house all day, so we can’t keep it locked up.”

She stroked his head and leaned closer. “I know a lot of other magic tricks. I’ll do them for you next time, alright?”

Wanyan Zhi’s glassy eyes lit up for a moment, but he still did not speak and only stared at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei smiled gently at him and took the opportunity to take his pulse with her fingers.

Long Qingzhi was thrilled to see the subtle changes Wanyan Zhi exhibited.

She held her feelings in forcefully for fear of startling him, but there was a flicker of hope in her eyes as she looked at Lu Liangwei.

After taking Wanyan Zhi’s pulse, Lu Liangwei did not speak and only nodded slightly.

She then got up and said to Zhao Qian, “Butler Zhao, please bring me a piece of paper and a brush.”

Zhao Qian immediately went off to find them.

After Zhao Qian had fetched her a brush and ink, Lu Liangwei wrote out a prescription and handed it to Long Qingzhi. “Follow this prescription first. All the do’s and don’ts are already listed clearly on it.”

Long Qingzhi nodded and hurriedly took the prescription, folded it carefully, and tucked it away.

“Thank you, Second Miss.” Long Qingzhi held her hand, her voice full of emotion.

Earlier, she had doubted Lu Liangwei’s medical skills and had only tried letting her examine Zhi’er as a last resort.

She still did not know how skilled Lu Liangwei was, but given Zhi’er’s unusual reaction just now, Lu Liangwei should be pretty good.

A sliver of hope abruptly rose in her gloomy heart.

After their arrival in Xiangyang City, Long Xiao had arranged for physicians with superb medical skills to examine Zhi’er.

However, there was nothing wrong with Zhi’er’s body, so those physicians could not identify the problem.

Moreover, Zhi’er resented strangers. Every time a stranger approached him, he would react violently, and those physicians could not examine him properly at all.

They then came to the palace, but even the brilliant imperial physicians were clueless.

However, Lu Liangwei had a different approach from other physicians and imperial physicians.

She did not examine Zhi’er right away but talked to him patiently and performed magic tricks to get his attention.

Second Miss’s cure was indeed unique, but it was undeniably effective too.

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