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Chapter 480: 480

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Chapter 480: An Undefiable Authoritativeness

A clear and pleasant scent instantly enveloped her. Startled, Lu Liangwei looked up only to meet his deep and unfathomable eyes. She wanted to reject the offer, but his slender fingers had already found the cords and tied them together deftly.

“It’s already autumn, and it gets colder at night. Don’t catch a cold.” His voice was gentle but with an undefiable authoritativeness.

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei could only swallow her words of refusal and nod meekly.

“Good girl.” Long Yang gazed at her with a pleased look in his eyes, then raised his hand and stroked her head.

Lu Liangwei’s thick and dark lashes fluttered.

Long Yang withdrew his hand, glanced at her, then turned around and walked into the hall somewhat reluctantly.

Seeing this, everyone dropped their heads quickly, but their hearts were surging with shock.

Was the Emperor not being a little too caring about Lu Liangwei?

She only sneezed, but the Emperor actually removed his cloak and put it on her himself.

Lu Yunshuang and Chen Qiyu were full of mixed feelings.

For the former, aside from mixed feelings, there was even more envy.

Other than the Emperor, her father and brother had been equally concerned about Lu Liangwei.

How ridiculous. Lu Liangwei only sneezed; did they have to be so on guard?

That tramp Lu Liangwei was really capable of seducing people. As if seducing her father and brother was not enough, she had now bewitched the Emperor, too.

A thought suddenly came to her, and she immediately looked at Long Chi. However, he was lowering his head and seemed to be thinking about something.

Lu Yunshuang was relieved to see this.

At the very least, the Crown Prince had not been bewitched by that idiot Lu Liangwei. That was good enough.

However, what she did not know was that Long Chi was feeling jealous inside.

He was jealous that his royal uncle could openly care for Lu Liangwei and be so close to her.

He glanced at the girl wearing his royal uncle’s cloak.

The faint smile on the girl’s mouth dazzled him into a daze.

‘Is that all you’ve got, Lu Liangwei? Are you so easily won over by such a small act from Royal Uncle?’

He was infuriated.

What a fickle and improper woman.

She used to like him so much, but had she found herself a new sweetheart now?

He clenched his fists.

Chen Qiyu glanced at Lu Liangwei a little enviously. When she turned her head, she was satisfied to see the nearly uncontrollable jealousy on Lu Yunshuang’s face.

As for the Virtuous Consort, the Pure Consort, and the Prudence Consort, they were experiencing equally mixed feelings. The Prudence Consort and the Virtuous Consort were green with jealousy in particular.

All eyes were on the pair, yet the Emperor did not bother to conceal the special treatment he gave Lu Liangwei in the slightest.

He had wrapped Lu Liangwei in his cloak with his own hands, which was an honor that nobody could ever enjoy.

While seething in their jealousy, the three of them also felt a sense of defeat.

They had already lost before even entering the battlefield, and they could only watch on as another person seized all the spoils effortlessly.

Lu Hetian found the cloak on Lu Liangwei’s body to be a terrible eyesore.

On the other hand, Lu Tingchen smiled ruefully. The Emperor was really fast indeed and was somehow one step ahead of them.

He decided to remove his cloak and drape it over the crook of her arm.

The group then entered Jade Dew Hall and took their respective seats.

The moment Lu Liangwei stepped into the hall, she captured everyone’s attention.

All eyes centered on her and scanned the cloak she was wearing, their gazes indescribable.

The cloak was black, but there was clearly a golden nine-claw flying dragon embroidered on it. A single glance was enough to tell that it belonged to the Emperor.

The crowd was astounded to see the Emperor’s cloak on Lu Liangwei.

What was going on?

Was the Emperor not spoiling Second Miss Lu a little too much?

They were not even officially married yet, and he already valued her this much. Once she moved into the palace and became Empress, nobody would be able to match her power.

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