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Chapter 486: 486

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Chapter 486: These Two Were A Little Too Much

“My true regret will be allowing you to escape!” Lu Tingchen replied coldly as he blocked all escape routes for the woman in black.

The woman was slightly enraged. “You’re just like your damned father!”

Lu Tingchen was taken aback. “You know my father?”

“I don’t.” The voice of the woman in black turned colder, but one could vaguely tell there was frustration in her tone.

Lu Tingchen felt something was a little off, but he did not pause in his movements. Each stroke of the battle was powerful and decisive. The woman in black, however, seemed to be holding back. Moreover, she was carrying someone, and she was forced to move back following each strike.

“You rascal. Would you believe that I’ll kill her right now if you continue acting so stubbornly?” The woman in black decided to press her sword against Ji Linghui’s neck.

Fear crossed Ji Linghui’s eyes. The pain on her neck scared her so much, her body and mind were trembling simultaneously.

She did not want to die. She could not die. Her wish had yet to come true…

Right then, two figures came flying toward them.

Ji Linghui was overjoyed to see them.

They were the personal guards serving by His Majesty’s side, Chu Qi and Chu Yi.

“You guys came at the right time. Help me take down this brazen maniac!” Lu Tingchen’s eyes never left the woman in black, even when he spoke to the two that rushed toward him.

Chu Yi raised the broadsword on his shoulder and darted a look at Ji Linghui, who was in the clutches of the woman in black. “Guarding the Palace is the responsibility of Heir Presumptive Lu. Our main responsibility is taking care of His Majesty’s safety.”

What he meant was that they had no intention of helping out Lu Tingchen.

Chu Qi stood by while hugging his sword, not saying a word.

Lu Tingchen took in a deep breath as he eyed the pair who were just standing at the side to enjoy the show.

It was lucky he did not need to depend on the likes of them, otherwise, he would die of rage on the spot.

He sneered and aimed a slash at the woman in black with the sword in his hand, striking down at her with a crushing blow.

The woman in black bristled with anger. This damn rascal of a boy!

She quickly flung Ji Linghui away.

At this point of life-threatening danger, Ji Linghui’s eyes went blank with extreme fear. She thought she was about to die when Lu Tingchen suddenly moved forward swiftly and kicked out.

Just as Ji Linghui was about to fall into the range of the sword’s energy, she felt a sharp pain in her back and was sent flying like a ragdoll through the air after being kicked, then she collided against a tree, and fell heavily to the ground.

She saw stars in her eyes before falling unconscious.

During this period, no one bothered to check up on her.

Chu Yi pointed to the stars in the sky and said to Chu Qi, “Chu Qi, look how bright the moon is tonight.”

Chu Qi rolled his eyes at Chu Yi, thinking about what a moron the man was as there was no moon in the sky.

However, Chu Qi nodded anyway. “Yup, it’s nice.”

Chu Qi kept his gaze toward the night sky.

Lu Tingchen’s lips twitched.

These two were a little too much.

Even though they were only responsible for protecting His Majesty, they should not ignore a concubine so plainly, should they?

No one even knew if the Prudence Consort was still alive right now!

However, Lu Tingchen did not want to check on her either. Instead, he continued swinging his sword at the woman in black, attacking her, but his sword attacks were not as intense as before—he was clearly giving in to her.

The woman in black quickly realized this and she gave Lu Tingchen a thoughtful look. This boy might not be too daft after all.

Her feet pointed gently toward the ground and she quickly flew into the air, using Lu Tingchen’s shoulder as a stepping stone as she flitted away from the Palace.

Since Lu Tingchen was on duty tonight, she decided to let Ji Linghui go. However, she will be back to take Ji Linghui’s life at any time.

Lu Tingchen did not chase after the woman in black as he watched her leave. Instead, he instructed the palace guards who approached him, “Inform the servants in Bright Refine Palace to take the Prudence Consort back.”

“Yes, sir.” The palace guards left with the order.

Lu Tingchen did not even spare Ji Linghui, who had fallen under the tree, a second look. Everything was fine as long as she was not dead. As for other matters, it was not his responsibility.

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