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Chapter 494: 494

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Chapter 494: Even Her Death Could Not Atone For Her Mistake

However, if Madam Lin was harboring wicked intentions toward Miss while Miss was unguarded…

Zhu Yu’s heart sank, and she did not dare to continue this train of thought.

“Senior, do you know where Madam Lin’s house is in the capital suburbs?”

The old beggar shook his head. “I don’t know.” He sighed inwardly. He really had no idea.

At this moment, however, Second Miss Lu had probably already been taken away by Madam Lin!

The old beggar frowned almost imperceptibly.

Zhu Yu stamped her foot in distress and anger. “How could you let Miss go with Madam Lin?”

The old beggar smiled ruefully. “Madam Lin treats Miss so well, and Miss does the same to Madam Lin too. Miss insisted on going, so how could I stop her?”

Although he was right, Zhu Yu was still exasperated. However, it was not the time to point fingers at him. She quickly returned to the Grand Duke Mansion with the other servants and reported Lu Liangwei’s trip to the capital suburbs to Lu Hetian.

Lu Hetian had just got back home when he flew into a rage upon learning that Lu Liangwei had gone to the capital suburbs with some woman called Madam Lin.

“Is that how you take care of your mistress? How could you let a stranger take her away? Are you even of any use?”

Zhu Yu knelt on the ground, weeping miserably.

She had indeed been too careless.

How could she let her guard down just because Miss treated Madam Lin differently?

The Dowager Duchess was anxious too, but she remained rational and said to Lu Hetian as calmly as possible, “It’s no use panicking now. The most urgent thing is to send someone to look for her right away. Maybe it’s not as terrible as we think.”

Despite her words, she stroked the Buddhist prayer beads in her hands unconsciously.

Weiwei had purposely gone to Tianzhu Temple and asked for this string of Buddhist prayer beads from Master Qingzhen.

Nothing must happen to Weiwei!

Collecting himself, Lu Hetian immediately mobilized his personal guards and the mansion servants to search the capital suburbs.

Before he got on his horse, the Dowager Duchess hurriedly reminded him, “Take care not to leak the news of Weiwei’s disappearance. Don’t say anything about it first, and search for her in secret.”

A girl’s reputation was more important than anything else. Moreover, Weiwei was going to marry into the palace soon. If the news of her disappearance were to spread now, it would affect her reputation badly, even if nothing happened in the end.

Although Lu Hetian was distressed, he was a sensible person and naturally understood this.

His handsome face grim, he responded briefly in agreement and dashed out of the city with his entourage.

Watching them disappear into the distance, the Dowager Duchess calmed herself and said to Zhu Yu, “Don’t cry and get up now. Tell me, where did this Madam Lin come from, and why does Weiwei trust her so much?”

Zhu Yu wiped her tears away, stood up hastily, and explained Madam Lin’s situation.

“… I heard that her husband passed away a long time ago. Soon after her daughter was born, she was forced to separate from her, so when she sees Miss, to her it’s like seeing her own daughter. Besides, the way Madam Lin looks at Miss is so gentle it makes you feel that she’d never harm Miss. She also has excellent medical skills, but she’s a woman, so there’s no other place for her to put her skills to use. When she saw that the medicinal shop had put up a physician hiring board, she came and offered to work for Miss.

“After testing her, Miss allowed her to stay and help out in the shop. Miss’s business did improve indeed with Madam Lin’s help, but today she suddenly sent a message saying that she had something important to tell Miss, and Miss went over afterward. I never expected that Madam Lin would deceive Miss into leaving the city…”

She only prayed that Miss would be alright. Otherwise, even her death could not atone for her mistake.

After listening to her, the Dowager Duchess frowned and asked anxiously, “How old is this Madam Lin, and what does she look like?”

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