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Chapter 499: 499

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Chapter 499: His Majesty Was Feeling Overjoyed Right Now

Lu Liangwei frowned when she heard the poorly concealed happiness in her father’s tone.

Was her father really feeling okay?

Madam Lin’s dagger better not have stabbed some nerve in her father’s body.

Long Yang helped Lu Hetian off his horse and glanced at Madam Lin, then turned to look at his respected father-in-law. He vaguely guessed something.

Lu Hetian tried his best to tolerate it, which was why he did not push Long Yang’s hand away.

If Long Yang had not insisted on marrying Weiwei, would Lihua get so angry over this?

Then again, this was also the only reason that made Lihua willing to show herself.

At that moment, Lu Hetian had mixed feelings.

Madam Lin held Lu Liangwei’s hands and sighed as she said, “Weiwei, I wasn’t actually abducting you. I just want to take you with me and run away. You wouldn’t blame me for today, would you?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head as she looked at Madam Lin’s gentle eyes. “I was initially a little upset with you, but not anymore.”

Madam Lin was taken aback. “Why?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. She was unwilling to share the reason. She turned back to look at Long Yang. “If it was before, I would be really grateful that you were willing to take me away with you, but now…”

She paused and said quietly, “I want to marry His Majesty.”

She thought her voice was soft enough that no one else was able to hear, but everyone present were experienced men with strong internal strength. Her words could be heard very clearly.

Long Yang’s hands clenched tightly when he heard the first half of her sentence. He suddenly felt that it was fortunate that Madam Lin had appeared only now. He had no idea that Weiwei feared him so much in the past, to the point that she was considering fleeing somewhere far away with someone else, all because she wanted to escape him.

However, when he heard the next half of her words uttered so softly by her, his mood, which had fallen rock bottom, suddenly soared high into the sky, happy as a cloud.

He wanted to pull that young girl into his arms, but there were too many people present and he could only suppress that urge in his heart. An upward curve appeared on his lips, revealing his true feelings at that moment.

This girl. For her, traveling quickly through the night without any rest was worth it!

His Majesty was feeling overjoyed right now!

It was quite rare for him to hear Weiwei telling the truth about how she felt.

It was exactly because such occasions were rare that Long Yang cherished them very much.

The dark mood he had experienced upon her disappearance instantly dissipated as everything felt much more pleasing to him. Even Madam Lin did not look as annoying as before. He was not even upset when Lu Hetian pushed his hand away.

He stood with his hands behind his back and stared adoringly at Lu Liangwei.

When Lu Liangwei noticed his gaze, she felt slightly self-conscious. She grumbled silently about how His Majesty was being a little too showy about expressing himself like this under the public’s eye.

She turned slightly to the side, pretending not to notice his gaze.

When Madam Lin heard Lu Liangwei’s words, she did not feel relieved at all. Instead, she gave Long Yang an unfriendly glare.

This dog of an Emperor. He was at such an old age and yet he was still shamelessly attempting to seduce a young girl like Weiwei. How could he call himself a ruler of a nation?!

She took a deep breath and managed to suppress her intent to kill Long Yang. She lovingly caressed Lu Liangwei’s hair and said softly, “You’re still very young and can’t differentiate between good and bad. You can’t judge some men solely on the way they look. The better-looking they are, the worse the character they possess. Men enjoy spouting sweet words. Once the woman has been tricked into their arms, they will no longer cherish you. Listen to me and come with me. I’ll definitely find you a man better than this dog… I mean, this man. Moreover, I give you my promise. As long as it’s a man chosen by me, he will never betray you.”

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed as he stared dangerously at Madam Lin.

He had just found her less annoying and now, but any friendly feelings he had toward her had completely vanished.

If not for Lu Hetian understanding that Madam Lin’s words were directed to him, he would have clapped his hands happily at her speech.

He had never expected Lihua to have the same opinion as he did.

He also deeply felt that this rascal, Long Yang, could not match up to his treasured daughter. Even though Long Yang’s looks were considered acceptable, he was not a suitable person for his daughter.

If he knew that Weiwei’s mother was the one who had abducted her, he would never have given chase, and would have even tried to stop Long Yang.

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