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Chapter 513: 513

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Chapter 513: Carried Lu Tingchen Up

His Majesty can hold his liquor very well?

Lu Liangwei was slightly surprised.

She suddenly remembered the welcome banquet held in honor of Long Qingzhi’s return. Long Yang seemed to have drunk quite a fair share that night and he smelt strongly of alcohol.

She had always thought that his capacity for alcohol was moderate, which was why he had rejected drinking with the Prince of Xiangyang. Turned out, he was actually quite an able drinker?

A thought came to her as she placed her hand under her chin and asked, “Who is the better drinker, you or His Majesty?”

Lu Tingchen poured himself another cup of wine and shook his head. “I have no idea, but His Majesty has never gotten drunk before.”

“What about you?” Lu Liangwei asked curiously.

Lu Tingchen shook his head. “I’ve never gotten drunk before tonight either.”

Lu Liangwei felt strange hearing this. What did he mean by not getting drunk before tonight?

Lu Liangwei frowned as she watched her big brother once again gulped down the cup of wine in his hand.

She knew that her big brother was feeling sad.

She was getting married the next day and her mother was not willing to come home…

Maybe, her big brother did need to get completely drunk for once.

At the thought of this, she suddenly snatched the vat of wine over and poured a full cup of wine for herself. She lifted the cup toward Lu Tingchen and said, “Big brother, this is for you. Thank you for taking care and doting on your little sister all these years. I wish for you to be well for the rest of your life.”

With that, she tilted her head back and finished the wine in her cup in one go.

Lu Tingchen was taken aback, but a look of delight quickly appeared on his face. “Weiwei, you’re my beloved little sister. I wish you as well, to be safe, joyful, and bask in happiness for the rest of your life!”

With that, he filled up Lu Liangwei’s cup again.

Lu Liangwei shook her head, attempting to wake herself up from the dizziness she was experiencing. She lifted her cup and clinked it against his wine vat. “Cheers!”


Lu Liangwei was dead drunk after downing two cups of wine, while Lu Tingchen, who was able to drink a thousand cups without getting drunk, had unexpectantly gotten drunk as well.

Both siblings laid against the table, unconscious from the alcohol.

By the time Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu entered the room, the table was a terrible mess. The wine vat was empty and laying sideways on the table while the cups and plates were all askew.

Their lips twitched at this. They gave each other a look and went forward to clean up the mess.

Chu Jiu was strong and she could easily carry Lu Liangwei in her arms.

Lu Liangwei was drunk, but she could still tell that she was being carried.

Her eyes opened in a drunken stupor and in her daze, mistook Chu Jiu for Long Yang.

Her eyes narrowed as she suddenly wrapped her arms around Chu Jiu’s neck and pulled herself up to kiss Chu Jiu on the cheek. “Your Majesty, you’re here…”

Chu Jiu felt as if she had just been struck by lightning.

Zhu Yu covered her face and shouted in shock, “Chu Jiu, you’re done for…”

Chu Jiu did not feel good about this. If His Majesty found out that Miss had kissed her, would he have her torn apart?

At the thought of this possibility, Chu Jiu’s hands carrying Lu Liangwei suddenly felt slightly unstable.

‘Miss, you will be the death of me!”

She quickly carried Lu Liangwei into the room and placed her safely onto the bed before walking out.

She was planning to leave but hesitated at the sight of Lu Tingchen still laying against the table.

Zhu Yu was pushing his arm. “My lord, please wake up. You can’t be sleeping here. You’ll catch a cold.”

Lu Tingchen did not move at all and continued to be in deep sleep.

Zhu Yu was a little anxious. Seeing Chu Jiu standing at the side, she quickly said, “Chu Jiu, give me a hand and help get the Heir Presumptive onto the bed. We’ll let him spend the night here.”

Chu Jiu could not reject the request and walk toward them.

However, Zhu Yu was too weak. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to help Lu Tingchen up.

Chu Jiu felt slightly impatient. She pushed Zhu Yu aside and carried Lu Tingchen up.

Zhu Yu, “…”

She stared stunned at the scene.

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