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Chapter 526: 526

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Chapter 526: The Wedding Night

It was possible that tomorrow morning, the Empress Dowager would send someone to collect the purity cloth. If they saw a stainless purity cloth, would that not confirm the allegation of her already losing her virginity before marriage?

She was honestly not too bothered about it, but it would still affect Long Yang negatively.

Moreover, even if she could escape tonight, could she still hide tomorrow?

He only said that they did not have to do it tonight but not that he would not touch her tomorrow. Besides, there was still the day after tomorrow, and the day after that…

She frowned and bit her lip, then suddenly turned and threw her arms around his waist, pressing her face against his chest as if she was ready to risk everything.

Long Yang froze. He did not need any words from her to understand her intentions.

“Are you ready?” he asked huskily.

Lu Liangwei responded with a soft ‘yes’.

Long Yang gazed at her for a moment, then suddenly picked her up, placed her gently on the bed, and leaned down to remove her clothes.

Lu Liangwei’s body tensed up, and her breathing grew unsteady, but she did not notice that a sheen of sweat had also formed on Long Yang’s brow.

Outside, Zhu Yu pressed her ear against the door, paying attention to the sounds inside.

She planned to rush in and rescue her mistress right away if the sounds got too loud.

Although she was not yet married, she grew up with other servants, and there was no shortage of big-mouthed women among them. After living together with them for a long time, she naturally learned a lot of things.

Her mistress was so clean and pure, which may tempt others to want to bully her.

She heard that some people were particularly disgusting in the bedroom and used many torture methods. Several virtuous families had seen their daughters ruined in the hands of such people.

Those who encountered that kind of people would at least get skinned to some degree, even if it did not kill them.

Her mistress was so delicate. How would she be able to stand it?

The more Zhu Yu thought about it, the more anxious she got.

She could only pray that the Emperor was not someone like that and that he would treat her mistress gently.

When Chu Jiu saw her like this, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she took a few more steps away.

Zhao Qian walked over only to see Zhu Yu having the audacity to eavesdrop on his master. Frowning, he grabbed her arm and dragged her off.

“I say, Miss Zhu Yu, aren’t you being a little inappropriate?”

Zhu Yu scowled too and retorted, “Why is it inappropriate? I’m just worried about my mistress.”

Zhao Qian barked a laugh. “Worried about your mistress? Do you think that my master is going to bully your mistress?”

Zhu Yu sneered. “Your master looks like he wants to swallow my mistress alive every time he stares at her. He has the perfect opportunity tonight, and you think he won’t bully my mistress?”

Zhao Qian paused.

There was a good deal of reason in her words, and he had no way to refute them.

Bedding could also be considered bullying.

“Then what do you want?”

“I’m going to stay here, of course. If my mistress calls for help, I can rush in and save her right away,” Zhu Yu said, albeit a little unconfidently.

Zhao Qian felt like he was going to pass out from anger. “What do you take my master for?” Were they not just spending the wedding night? Why did it sound so obscene when this girl spoke about it? Although it was his master’s first time, and things may not go so smoothly, how could this girl think of his master that way? Did she believe that his master would torture the Empress?

Zhu Yu was speechless.

Zhao Qian continued to argue, “You may be the Empress’s maidservant, but you shall not be insolent. Since it’s your first offense, I can let it go today, but if you act out of place a second time, even the Empress won’t be able to save you. Hmph!”

Zhao Qian scolded her severely, manifesting his authority as Head of Palace Affairs.

Zhu Yu, “…”

This was not how Butler Zhao had treated her before.

Before she moved into the palace, he used to be eagerly attentive every time he saw her, and he would bombard her with questions, especially about Miss’s preferences.

Her mistress had just moved into the palace today, and this wretched eunuch had already decided to switch attitudes?

Was it true that a person no longer appreciated something once they had obtained it?

Zhu Yu bit her lip.

If Zhao Qian treated her like that, would the Emperor treat Miss the same way as well?

As she gazed at the closed doors, she suddenly became a little apprehensive.

Seeing her staring fiercely at the doors, Zhao Qian was worried that she would disturb his master and hurriedly pulled her away by the arm.

Inside the chamber, a red candle burned with a crackling sound.

Soft sounds of weeping came from behind the bed netting, mixed with sounds of a man restraining himself.

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