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Chapter 527: 527

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Chapter 527: The Wedding Night

After a long while, the noise subsided.

Recalling his earlier awkwardness, it seemed like he truly has no experience in this aspect.

She did not mean to laugh. However, at the thought of the magnificent thirty-year-old Emperor behaving like a teenager ramping about with no experience whatsoever, she could not help but laugh out loud.

Hearing her sudden laughter, Long Yang’s hand that was on her back stiffened. He looked down at her, “It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head bashfully, “It still hurts.”

Long Yang massaged the space between his eyebrows and cursed Zhao Qian’s booklet under his breath. It did not help at all.

He had followed what was described in the booklet, why was Weiwei still crying out in pain?

Every time she cried out in pain, he was afraid that he would hurt her.

He frowned as he thought, were all women this squeamish?

However, she was really small. After some thought, he could only forbear it.

“If it still hurts, why are you still laughing?” He asked helplessly as his slender fingers tucked her wet earlock behind her ears.

“Do you expect me to cry?” Lu Liangwei softly asked in reply as she inhaled.

Long Yang laughingly reminded, “Who was it that cried so loudly earlier, and who was it that begged for mercy?”

Lu Liangwei muttered softly, “I wasn’t ready, and you… of course I would feel pain.”

Long Yang held his breath and suddenly nibbled her nimble, fair earlobe. “So what do you have to do to be ready?”

Lu Liangwei felt tingly and numb at the spot he was nibbling, it was very difficult to bear. She dodged a little and said, “I don’t know. Anyway, I just wasn’t ready.”

Listening to her bold tone, he suddenly leaned close to her ear. In a low and hoarse voice, he asked, “So, did I succeed then?”

Lu Liangwei blushed and felt exceedingly embarrassed.

She took out the purity cloth from underneath and displayed it in front of him. “What does your Majesty think?”

Looking at the spotless, white purity cloth, Long Yang suddenly understood something. His handsome face turned red and embarrassment grew from the bottom of his heart. He subconsciously took out the booklet he had kept under the pillow and flipped through it in bewilderment. “I did everything according to the booklet, why did it not work?”

Lu Liangwei moved closer to look. When she saw what was in his hands, she stared at him in disbelief. Soon after, she covered her face and shrieked, “Your Majesty, why are you like this?”

Outside the door, Zhao Qian’s fat body trembled.

Your Highness’ shriek was frightening, was Master was abusing the Empress?

Realizing this possibility, he hastily pulled Zhu Yu with one hand and pulled Chu Jiu with the other to walk a little further away.

Zhu Yu did not comply. “Butler Zhao, what are you pulling me for, I heard Miss shrieking.”

“You’re mistaken, that’s the sound of the Empress’ pleasure. A little miss like you will not understand.” Zhao Qian said in all seriousness.

Zhu Yu looked at him in disdain. If she did not understand, would a genitalless man like him know more?

She was about to say something when she heard Miss’ soft and delicate voice beg for mercy, “Your Majesty, I can’t anymore, I’m so tired…”

A peal of laughter while gasping for air followed.

Zhu Yu’s face instantly flushed red and hot and she ran away faster than Zhao Qian.

Looking at Zhu Yu running far away in a flash, Zhao Qian was dumbstruck.

Did she not say that she was going to watch over Miss? Was this all that she got?

He groaned coldly and shot a glance at Chu Jiu who was as calm and collected as before. As expected, only Jiu could stand it.

However, Jiu was still a Miss and it was not appropriate for her to hear these things. He tugged Chu Jiu’s arm and said, “I’m afraid that Master will not be finished anytime soon. We haven’t drunk in ages, how about a drink?”

The corners of Chu Jiu’s mouth curled up in a smile. “Sure.”

In the house, Lu Liangwei was panting and pushing the man. “It’s ticklish… stop it.”

Long Yang noticed that she was afraid of being tickled, but did not expect her to have such a huge reaction. Hearing her tender voice laughing and begging for mercy, his body suddenly tensed up.

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