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Chapter 532: 532

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Chapter 532: His Majesty Kept It Close To Himself

“I’m worried about leaving you like this,” he said in a low, gentle voice as he carried her to the bathroom without hesitation.

“You can just send Zhu Yu in here,” Lu Liangwei tried to convince him to stop when she saw that he had already rolled up his sleeves and was squeezing a towel dry in the basin.

Long Yang ignored her as he brought the towel to her face and wiped it for her.

Lu Liangwei did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Was he really treating her like a child?

She pulled on his arm quickly. “I can do this myself.”

She had never been serviced this way by anyone before in her life, but here was His Majesty, the ruler of the country, helping her wash her face…

It was just too exciting!

When Long Yang saw her insistence, he could only pass the towel to her.

He had decided never to tell her that he had bathed her after they spent that intimate night together yesterday.

He would, of course, not mind washing her face at all. In fact, he enjoyed the feeling of taking care of her. She was so soft and delicate, it made him want to protect her in his arms and dote on her.

However, that girl was too easily embarrassed. It was not a good idea to push her too much.

“I’ll leave first. Call me if there is anything,” he informed her gently before walking out.

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded and watched him leave. She secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, she had accepted the fact that her new life now included a husband.

They had to live together for a long time.

Long Yang left his bedroom and saw Long Chi with Lu Yunshuang, and the three concubines. It looked like they had been waiting for quite a while.

Everyone immediately greeted him when they saw him walk out.

Long Yang had a friendly but indifferent expression on his face. “You may all rise.”

Everyone straightened their backs, but no one dared to look at him.

However, they could still sense that the Emperor today was not as intimidating as usual.

They were all quite surprised. Could the happy and auspicious atmosphere of the wedding have curtailed the Emperor’s foreboding manner somewhat?

At the thought of this, the people could not help but shift their gazes to look at the place behind him.

It was quite late already, so why was Lu Liangwei not here yet? Was she still sleeping, or was she not appearing on purpose to display her authority to everyone?

Right then, Matron Chen came walking in, curtsied at Long Yang, and said respectfully, “Her Imperial Highness has been waiting for a long time at Tranquility Palace but the Empress has yet to greet her. She has informed me specifically to come here to check on the Empress and also to collect the purity cloth.”

Long Yang’s tone was cold. “The Empress has tired herself out yesterday. Once she is well-rested, she will go and greet Her Imperial Highness. Please inform Her Imperial Highness that it is not necessary to wait for the Empress. As for the purity cloth…” He paused and turned to return to the room.

When he came out again, he was holding a brocade box in his hand.

Matron Chen darted a look at it and lowered her head.

She knew that His Majesty was just putting on a show for everyone.

He could not perform in bed. Whatever was on the purity cloth could easily be falsified.

Besides Matron Chen, Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang were also thinking the same thing.

The other concubines had suspected there was something wrong with His Majesty’s virility, but they did not know that he had been poisoned, which was why this was nothing more than a guess.

When they saw him emerge with the brocade box, each of them clenched their handkerchiefs tightly.

Long Yang knew very well what everyone present was thinking about.

It did not matter what they were thinking of him. He had lived this way for so many years anyway. However, he could not tolerate anyone else having despicable thoughts about Weiwei and doubting her.

Since they would like to see it, he would grant their wishes and let them look at it.

An upward curve appeared on his lips as he casually removed the purity cloth from the brocade box. He opened it up and allowed Matron Chen one look before putting it back into the box and stowing it away in his pockets, keeping it close to himself.

It was a swift move, but everyone had seen it with their own eyes.

The white purity cloth had a few specks of red on it.

Everyone present was shocked by His Majesty’s actions.

His Majesty had actually kept the purity cloth close to himself.

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