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Chapter 539: Blushed After Listening To Her

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Chapter 539: Blushed After Listening To Her

Long Yang glanced briefly at Lu Liangwei before directing his gaze toward Long Xiao. “You were far away in Xiangyang. When did you meet the Empress?”

Long Xiao looked at Lu Liangwei and said, “Didn’t you tell Royal Brother about it, Royal Sister-in-Law? That time in Tianzhu Mountain, you were nearly assassinated and I happened to pass by…”

Lu Liangwei seemed to suddenly recall and said, “Now that you mention it, I remember now.” She then turned to Long Yang and explained, “The House of Swallow Snow tried to assassinate me that time. Zhu Yu was terrified and asked for help from a caravan passing by, but by the time the backup arrived, Chu Jiu had already finished off all the assassins. Back then, I didn’t know that that kind-hearted man was the Prince of Xiangyang. If the Prince didn’t mention it today, I’d have forgotten about it.”

Long Yang pieced everything together clearly from her explanation.

So the two of them met in Tianzhu Mountain.

However, Long Xiao did not help much when Weiwei was almost assassinated, so Weiwei did not remember their encounter very well.

Long Yang squeezed Lu Liangwei’s hand. “I see.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes, that’s the story.” She then looked at Long Xiao.

Long Xiao could naturally tell that Lu Liangwei was trying to deny any involvement with him with her words, so he said resignedly, “It’s my fault for failing to help Royal Sister-in-Law back then.”

Lu Liangwei said graciously, “How could I blame you? You were just passing by. Besides, the fact that you were willing to climb up the mountain just because of a young girl’s plea says that you’re a gallant man, Prince.”

Hearing this, Long Qingzhi was a little moved. “Very gallant indeed. Eleventh Brother, I didn’t expect you to be so compassionate!”

Long Xiao felt a little sheepish hearing this.

In truth, he was not worthy of being called gallant at all.

Back then, the only reason he was willing to ascend the mountain to respond to the young girl’s plea was because she told him that they were from the Grand Duke Family. He had intended to get close to the Grand Duke Family, hence he went up the mountain rather reluctantly.

He wanted to take that opportunity to forge some ties with the Grand Duke.

Basically, he had an ulterior motive.

However, he did not expect the adversity to already be dealt with before he could even come to help.

“Please don’t laugh at me, Royal Sister. I didn’t even get to help you at that time.” He smiled ruefully.

“It’s the thought that counts.” Long Qingzhi continued obliviously.

“Yes, the Prince is really thoughtful.” Lu Liangwei nodded in agreement.

However, Long Xiao detected the hidden meaning in her words.

It seemed that the Empress was not foolish. She had realized long ago that he had ulterior motives, which was why she rejected his attempts at wooing her.

However, he did not believe that she would dare to rat him out to Royal Brother.

Even if she did, Royal Brother might not believe her.

Long Xiao was very confident in this.

Lu Liangwei had no intention of telling Long Yang about this matter anyway. Given Long Yang’s position, he was surely already aware of the ambitions and movements of everyone in the court; there was no need for her to waste her breath.

After sending away the two, Long Yang held Lu Liangwei’s hand and asked, “What did Royal Sister say to you just now?”

Lu Liangwei had momentarily forgotten about it, but the moment he mentioned their conversation, her face heated up and she shook her head. “Nothing. She didn’t say anything.”

“Really?” Long Yang naturally did not believe her. Although Long Qingzhi had deliberately lowered her voice at that time, he still spotted Lu Liangwei blushing after listening to Long Qingzhi’s words.

Just when Lu Liangwei was about to say something—


A white cat darted over.

Lu Liangwei’s face lit up when she saw the animal. “Oh, it’s Lil White.”

While she said this, she hurriedly squatted down and picked up the cat. Staring at its chubby body, she could not help teasing, “I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you gained so much weight? It looks like Butler Zhao has been feeding you well.”

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