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Chapter 569: 569

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Chapter 569: How Could His Majesty Go Ahead With What He Wanted

Lu Liangwei went red in the face. “What’s there to look at?”

Besides, how could she possibly sleep if he kept staring at her this way?

She turned away from him to face the wall when she realized he was not about to look away.

Long Yang gave a low laugh and gripped her soft, tender shoulder to turn her toward him. He smiled as he looked at her. “Are you hiding from me?”

Lu Liangwei could feel the warmth of his hand through her clothes. She could not help but tremble at his touch. She gave him a look, but stayed silent. Her face was flushed.

She felt quite embarrassed when His Majesty acted this way. It made her feel ashamed for some reason.

The smile on Long Yang’s face disappeared when he noticed this. He frowned as he looked at her. “Feeling cold?”

Lu Liangwei said nothing as she pushed his hand away. She snuggled deeper under the blanket.

Long Yang could not help laughing when he saw this. He patted her on the back through the blanket and gently cajoled her. “Alright, I won’t look at you any longer. Come out of there, please.”

“I don’t want to,” Lu Liangwei’s muffled voice could be heard coming from inside the blanket. It sounded rather coquettish to Long Yang’s ears.

It made his heart flutter as he said huskily, “If you don’t come out of there, I’ll come in.”

When she heard this, Lu Liangwei quickly pressed down on all corners of the blanket to stop him from entering.

However, Long Yang flipped the blanket open easily and lay down directly next to her.

Lu Liangwei blushed as she looked at him, feeling slightly helpless.

Long Yang gave a low sigh. “Didn’t you say you were willing to share a bed with me? Yet, you’re acting so shy. The sun is about to come up.”

Lu Liangwei was a little troubled by his words. She replied in a quiet voice, “I’m sorry. I’m just not too used to sharing a bed with someone else.”

Long Yang frowned and held her in his arms. “I know. I understand how you feel, but we’re husband and wife now. We should be sleeping together on the same bed. You’re just temporarily unaccustomed to this. Once you get more familiar with it, it’ll come naturally to you. Believe me, okay?”

Lu Liangwei gave a nod as she rested in his arms. “Alright.”

Long Yang felt that he should be pleased to see her snuggle in his arms so quietly and obediently, but the thought of her apologizing just now made him feel less happy about it.

He lifted her face with his finger and said seriously, “Also, you’re not allowed to apologize to me in such an unfamiliar way, as if I’m someone you don’t know well. If I hear you say such words again, I’ll…”

At this point, he stopped and did not continue.

Lu Liangwei stared at him with a slightly puzzled look. “You’ll do what?”

“I’ll…” He lowered his head to look at her as his fingers moved about underneath the blanket.

Lu Liangwei let out a surprised scream as her face turned bright red. She glared at him with disbelief.

Long Yang was also slightly taken aback. That sensation on his palm ignited a strange excitement within him.

However, the accusatory look of disbelief in the girl’s eyes made him come back to his senses. He gave a light cough and said hoarsely, “If you’re disobedient, I’ll smack your backside.”

Lu Liangwei’s face turned bright red as she retaliated obstinately, “You’re nothing but a hooligan, Your Majesty!”

He had actually pinched her…

Her entire body went weak at the thought. She felt as if her body no longer belonged to her.

Seeing the girl’s anger, which was mixed with extreme coyness, enticed Long Yang to press himself against her head as he leaned forward to kiss her.

Lu Liangwei stiffened and it took quite a while for her to finally react. She had rashes all over her body, with it spreading even to her chin. How could His Majesty go ahead with what he wanted?

Long Yang finally released her in consideration that she was unwell.

Lu Liangwei pursed her reddened lips and buried her face directly into his chest.

Long Yang wrapped his hands around her back and gave a small, bitter smile.

Despite Weiwei’s body being covered by rashes, he actually still wanted to have her right now.

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