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Chapter 572: 572

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Chapter 572: It Gets Chilly At Night, But It’s Warm In My Arms

Lu Liangwei was about to nod in reply when there came a knock on the doors of the bedchamber, followed by Zhao Qian’s voice.

“Master, the Empress’s medicine is ready.”

It was only upon hearing this that Long Yang remembered that Weiwei had to take her medicine, and he promptly said, “Bring it in.”

Zhao Qian pushed open the doors and walked in. He brought the medicine to Long Yang without letting his eyes wander.

Long Yang had already sat up. Taking the bowl of medicine, he tested the temperature and found that it was just right. He helped Lu Liangwei up with one arm and brought the bowl to her lips.

“Weiwei, be a good girl and drink your medicine.”

Zhao Qian did not dare to raise his head, but he could not help shuddering at the sound of his master’s coaxing tone.

Lu Liangwei glanced at Long Yang speechlessly, then whispered, “I can drink it myself.”

“Alright.” Smiling, Long Yang passed the bowl to her. He suddenly remembered something and said to Zhao Qian, “Prepare some candied fruit.”

Zhao Qian was about to obey when he heard a loud gulp. Lu Liangwei had already finished all the medicine.

“Don’t trouble yourself, Butler Zhao.”

Zhao Qian could not help glancing up, and when he saw that she had really finished all the medicine without leaving a single drop, he gave her a thumbs up. “Amazing, Your Highness!”

Lu Liangwei burst out laughing. “Why do you say that, Butler Zhao? It’s just a bowl of medicine.”

Taking the empty bowl from her, Zhao Qian sneaked a peek at his master. Then he gave a smile but did not elaborate. “Master, Your Highness, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave.”

Long Yang nodded. “Very well.”

After Zhao Qian left, a thought occurred to Lu Liangwei, and she looked at Long Yang playfully. “Your Majesty, are you afraid of taking medicine?”

“Whoever said that?” Long Yang pinched her cheeks.

“I guessed it myself.” Lu Liangwei came up with the speculation when she recalled Zhao Qian’s ambiguous smile before leaving, as well as Long Yang’s behavior the last time he drank medicine.

How unexpected that someone like the Emperor was afraid of taking medicine.

No wonder he tried to coax her into taking her medicine just now as if she was a child.

Did he think that just because he was afraid of taking medicine, other people would be scared too?

“You’re scared of bitterness, Your Majesty,” she concluded.

“Your guess is wrong.” Long Yang gazed at her with a smile, his slender fingers brushing the corner of her mouth. “I’m not scared…” Then he leaned over.

A moment later, Lu Liangwei touched her lips, panting slightly.

“You see, I’m not scared of bitterness. You were wrong.” Long Yang beamed at her.

Lu Liangwei blushed. She was no longer interested in finding out how much he detested bitterness.

“It’s really getting late. Go to sleep.” Long Yang laid down with his arms still around her.

Lu Liangwei replied softly, “All right. Good night, Your Majesty.” She then removed herself from his embrace and drew the covers around her.

Looking at the girl who was closing her eyes comfortably and getting ready to sleep, Long Yang suddenly said, “Weiwei, it’s already autumn, and it gets chilly at night. It’s warm in my arms, would you like to try?”

Lu Liangwei’s eyelashes quivered at his words, but she remained still. “No thanks, it’s not too cold yet.”

Long Yang was silent for a while, but he eventually could not resist reaching out and taking the girl into his arms anyway. Before she could struggle, he said in a low voice, “I’m feeling a little cold. Let me hug you.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She opened her eyes a tiny crack and glanced at him, but said nothing in the end.

She found a comfortable position and curled up in his arms.

The Emperor’s arms were indeed comfortable and warm.

If she could hug him as she went to sleep in winter, she would not have to fear the cold.

Long Yang gazed at the girl all curled up like a kitten in his arms, feeling satisfied.

However, before long, a sheen of sweat started forming on his forehead.

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