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Chapter 580: 580

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Chapter 580: The Emperor And Empress’ Public Display Of Affection

Long Chi witnessed this scene just as he was coming over to offer his greetings together with Lu Yunshuang.

The man he saw was tall, which made the girl by his side look unusually small by comparison.

Right then, the girl with the ravishing beauty was leaning against the man without any inhibitions, which Long Chi found somewhat upsetting to look at.

Why would Lu Liangwei still find his Royal Uncle reliable even when things have come to this point?

Was she unaware that his Royal Uncle was about to die?

Even her first night after their wedding was probably a humiliating experience.

Did Lu Liangwei not mind that at all?

Or, could it be that she was already regretting her decision, but was reluctant to reveal her true feelings to save face and not disgrace her dignity and status as the Empress?

It was not long before the Virtuous Consort, Pure Consort, and Prudence Consort arrived as well.

They were also just in time to witness the scene of the Emperor gently wiping the sweat off his little Empress.

It was such a warm and tender scene, but it greatly upsetted a few of them who witnessed it.

They already knew that the Emperor treated his little Empress differently from others, but they had never expected he would pamper her to this extent.

The three women clenched their teeth silently, nearly throwing up blood from pure jealousy.

Even Lu Yunshuang felt extremely jealous when she saw this.

What type of man was the Emperor?

He was a man of nobility, a person who was dignified and held power over the entire world. He was the world’s most noble and important man.

Yet, here he was wiping off Lu Liangwei’s sweat in public without a second thought. How could anyone not be jealous?

Even at the height of the Crown Prince’s love for her, Lu Yunshuang had never enjoyed such tender care.

Zhao Qian had noticed the crowd arriving early on, but did not immediately inform Long Yang and Lu Liangwei.

He finally called out to announce it once they were done with their public display of affection. “Master, Your Highness, the Crown Prince, Crown Princess, the Virtuous Consort, and the other concubines are here.”

Still in Long Yang’s arms, Lu Liangwei immediately turned to look when she heard this. The Virtuous Consort and the others were indeed present. She quickly straightened up.

She and Long Yang could do whatever they wanted in private, but in front of others, she would still need to act like an Empress. Otherwise, it would put Long Yang on the spot.

However, she was unaware that her actions that were meant to avoid giving Long Yang trouble was interpreted by Long Yang as her being conscious of the Crown Prince.

He frowned and turned around, glancing unhappily at Long Chi.

“Is everyone here?”

Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang immediately stepped forward to greet them.

Next, the three concubines, led by the Virtuous Consort, approached them as well to greet them.

“You may all rise,” Long Yang said nonchalantly as he held Lu Liangwei’s small hand and walked toward the dining hall.

“The Empress and I have yet to enjoy our breakfast, you should all wait here while we do so.”

Long Chi and the others felt slightly upset as they watched the Emperor and Empress walk away.

They had not had their breakfasts either. Since they did not need to serve the Emperor and Empress, why did he not allow them to leave?

Instead, the Emperor had made them wait where they were.

They were all upset about this, but there was nothing they could do.

Chu Qi picked up a racket left at the side and gave it a look. He held the shuttlecock in his hand and squeezed it. He recalled how his Master and the Empress had been playing the game, and was a little interested in playing as well.

Chu Yi just happened to be strolling by in a carefree manner with his broadsword on his shoulder.

Chu Qi’s eyes brightened. He suddenly threw the shuttlecock into the air, then immediately swatted it with the racket.

Chu Yi heard the noise and instinctively attempted to block it with his broadsword. However, Chu Qi had powerful internal strength, the shuttlecock he had struck flew as lightning toward Chu Yi. Before Chu Yi was able to block it, the shuttlecock had already hit him on the forehead.


A huge lump swelled up on Chu Yi’s forehead in an instant.

Chu Yi touched the bump and roared in pain. “Chu Qi, you little rascal. How dare you attack your senior. Just wait till I get my hands on you.”

With that, he lifted his broadsword and rushed toward Chu Qi furiously.

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