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Chapter 585: 585

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Chapter 585: Please Don’t Be Angry After I Share It With You

It was like an abrupt wake-up call for Lu Yunshuang when Long Yang told her not to worry about it.

The Emperor was reminding her not to cross the line.

She glanced at the silent Lu Liangwei and felt slightly upset about this.

She was acting so anxiously because she was truly worried about their father. She was actually feeling troubled over this, unlike Lu Liangwei, who was just throwing her weight around as Empress, staying silent throughout her visit.

Lu Liangwei had failed their father who had loved her so much. Now that their father was injured, all Lu Liangwei did was act the part of Empress.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” No matter how unhappy Lu Yunshuang felt, she still needed to act obediently in front of the Emperor.

Long Chi glared at her with some annoyance.

Lu Liangwei was present, and her status was higher than Lu Yunshuang’s. How dare this woman try to draw attention to herself without reading the atmosphere properly? How foolish was she?

Was Lu Yunshuang afraid no one could see her pretending to be concerned over her father?

Long Chi was a little annoyed about this as well, but this was neither the place nor time to remind her about this. All he could do was hope that she would stop doing stupid things.

“Since the Grand Duke is doing fine, you should both return home,” Long Yang said. He sensed that the Dowager Duchess wanted to say something, but was hesitant as Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang were present.

Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang could not disobey the ruler’s order even if they did not agree with the decision. They could only bow when they heard those words and reply, “Yes.”

Once they were both gone, Lu Liangwei helped the Dowager Duchess to a seat and finally asked, “Grandmother, what exactly happened to Father?

She hesitated before adding, “Father’s wound wasn’t caused by an assassin, was it?”

The Dowager Duchess sighed. “He did it to himself.”

Lu Liangwei was shocked, but a thought crossed her mind and she suddenly understood something. Lu Liangwei frowned and said disapprovingly, “Why would Father act so rashly?”

The Dowager Duchess squeezed Lu Liangwei’s hand, then replied with some fatigue in her voice. “Your mother, she is his entire life.”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. Mixed emotions welled up within her.

“I understand how Father feels about salvaging his relationship with Mother, but he shouldn’t rush things this way.”

“Your father had always thought that your mother had passed on, which was why he transferred all his feelings toward her onto you. The love and extreme pampering he reserved for you was an outlet for him to express his feelings. Now that your mother is back, your father can no longer suppress his love for her. Unfortunately, your mother hates him to the core, which is a pain your father suffers severely from. He was actually seeking death when he wounded himself today, thinking that his death would finally negate the hate your mother harbors for him.”

“Why would Father act so foolishly?” Lu Liangwei felt extremely sorrowful as she looked at the unconscious Lu Hetian on the bed.

She had never expected that her father’s love for her mother could be so deep.

She turned to the Dowager Duchess as something came to mind. “How did you know that Father hurt himself, Grandmother?”

“Your mother was the one who sent him back here. Even though she did not say a word, I knew what had happened. Your father’s martial arts skills are on par with your mother. Unless he chooses death willingly, very few are able to hurt him. Moreover, this was a lethal wound. Your mother left after treating and bandaging your father.” The Dowager Duchess sighed heavily again.

Lu Liangwei went deep into thought and suddenly voiced out, “Grandmother, if Father loves Mother so deeply, why would he betray her all those years ago? I think something is amiss here.”

The Dowager Duchess was taken aback. “Why would you think so?”

“I just think that if Father loves Mother that much, he would never do anything to hurt her,” Lu Liangwei said with a frown.

She paused for a moment before holding the Dowager Duchess’ hand, then said with some hesitance, “Grandmother, I have a suspicion. Please don’t be angry after I share it with you.”

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