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Chapter 590: 590

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Chapter 590: What’s Yours Is Mine, Your Majesty

If she had not mentioned it, Long Yang would have already forgotten that he had ordered Zhao Qian to make sure Madam Zheng could not return.

After a pause, he seemed to remember. “I think I did give such an order.”

Lu Liangwei was dumbfounded. “How could you forget your own orders?”

“I don’t care much to remember unimportant people.” Long Yang was indifferent.

Lu Liangwei nodded.

Indeed, Long Yang would only concern himself with the kingdom’s affairs—a nobody like Madam Zheng was naturally undeserving of his attention.

“But Madam Zheng has been poisoned,” she said with a frown.

Zhao Qian said that he had sent someone to drug Madam Zheng, but it was not poison. It would make her ill and bedridden but not enough to kill her.

Since it was not Zhao Qian’s people who poisoned Madam Zheng, who else could it be?

Who would want to take Madam Zheng’s life?

Also, the maidservant who had been responsible for taking care of Madam Zheng was highly suspicious.

Unfortunately, the maidservant had run away.

“Poisoned?” Long Yang was puzzled.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes. I’ve examined her. She’ll die of the poison in three days at most, but she’s shown no symptoms of poisoning on the outside. The poison has been penetrating her organs little by little, and once it takes over, her time will be up. This shows how cautious the poisoner is. They were afraid that other people would notice, so they used a chronic poison on her, and ordinary physicians can’t identify it at all.”

Long Yang’s eyes reflected his deep contemplation. “Isn’t Madam Zheng Father-In-Law’s concubine? To think there are people willing to go to such great lengths to kill her.”

Lu Liangwei also found the matter strange. “Exactly. She’s just a concubine without any power or prominent background, so whom did she offend to bring such misfortune on herself? Or maybe she discovered some secret, and the poisoner wants to silence her through her death. I thought that Madam Zheng must have used some underhanded means that led to this impasse between my parents, but now it seems that the matter’s not as simple as I imagined.”

Long Yang put an arm around her shoulder. “Then what’s your plan?”

Lu Liangwei blinked. “I want to borrow Your Majesty’s imperial holiday home.”

Long Yang’s eyes gradually darkened, and he grasped her chin. “Isn’t what’s mine already yours?”

Lu Liangwei paused, then gave in. “Yes, what’s yours is mine, Your Majesty.”

“What about yours?” Long Yang asked with a smile.

“What’s mine is still mine.” Lu Liangwei looked at him mischievously.

Long Yang’s arms tightened around her waist and leaned closer to her lips. “Then tell me, are you mine?”

Blushing, Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I won’t say it.”

“You really won’t?” Long Yang raised his eyebrow. There was a ghost of a smile in his deep and enigmatic eyes as his slender fingers reached for her dainty waist.

Lu Liangwei could not hold back her giggles, but when she remembered that Zhao Qian was outside, she hastily lowered her voice. “It tickles. Stop messing around, Your Majesty…”

“Then are you going to say it or not?” Long Yang wrapped his arms around her and fixed her with a mischievous gazed.

“I’ll say it, I’ll say it…” Tearing up from laughter, Lu Liangwei hurriedly begged for mercy. However, when she met his eyes, she could not bring herself to utter the words.

Long Yang’s lips curled into a smirk, and he made a move to tickle her once again.

Startled, Lu Liangwei quickly held his hand down and, biting her lip, she whispered, “I’m yours… Mmm!”

Right after she said that, her voice disappeared under his sudden onslaught of dominance.

A moment later, Lu Liangwei lay on his shoulder, panting and not daring to move. Her cheeks burned with an impossible heat, and she felt as if she had just rolled around in boiling water.

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