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Chapter 591: 591

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Chapter 591: The Emperor’s Voice Was Slightly Husky

With much self-restraint, Long Yang tightened his arms around the girl, a sheen of sweat coating his smooth forehead.

After his agitation had subsided, he tidied her unkempt clothes gently as he asked casually, “Shall we go to the imperial holiday home now?” His voice was slightly husky, with a trace of longing.

Lu Liangwei’s lashes quivered, and she bobbed her head absentmindedly. “Sure.”

Long Yang was about to give Zhao Qian the orders when Lu Liangwei remembered something, and she said hurriedly, “Never mind, let’s go to Cathay Medicinal Shop.”

Long Yang nodded good-naturedly. “Very well. Zhao Qian, To Cathay Medicinal Shop.”

“Yes, Master,” came Zhao Qian’s obedient reply from outside.

Long Yang gazed down at the girl in his arms. “You’re not going to the imperial holiday home anymore?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No, I want to send Madam Zheng to Cathay Medicinal Shop. My mother’s there anyway, and she can help cure her of the poison. When she wakes up, I can interrogate her without delay.”

Before long, Madam Zheng was carried out by two covert guards.

After Zhao Qian said something to them, the two guards drove away in a separate carriage.

Only then did Zhao Qian steer their carriage back to the imperial capital.

Cathay Medicinal Shop.

Ling Lihua was experimenting with medicinal materials in the backyard. Just then, Youyou ran in, saying excitedly, “Auntie Lin, Sister Empress is here.”

Ling Lihua was astonished to hear this. “Weiwei’s here?”

Lu Liangwei had already walked in as she spoke.


Pleasantly surprised, Ling Lihua hastily put down the things in her hands and went up to her. “Why have you come out of the palace?”

“I went to see Dad,” Lu Liangwei replied, her gaze falling on her mother’s face.

As they were currently in the backyard, Ling Lihua did not wear her veil.

Her joyful expression faded a little at these words, but her tone was nonchalant when she said, “Are you hungry? Do you want me to make some food for you?”

Lu Liangwei took her hand. “Don’t trouble yourself, Mother. I want you to meet someone first.”

“Who?” Ling Lihua looked at her in confusion.

Lu Liangwei did not answer and clapped her hands once instead.

Instantly, the covert guards walked in carrying Madam Zheng.

Lu Liangwei gestured to a small quiet house nearby and ordered, “Bring her in there.”

The covert guards carried Madam Zheng into the house compliantly.

After they reemerged, Lu Liangwei told them, “You can go back first.”

The covert guards hesitated. “But…”

“Don’t worry; I’ll be fine. I’ll tell the Emperor about this,” Lu Liangwei reassured them.

Hearing this, the covert guards walked away rather reluctantly.

Ling Lihua glanced at the house and asked, “Who was it that they brought inside?”

Lu Liangwei tugged on her hand. “You’ll know when you see, Mother.”

Ling Lihua was a little doubtful, but she followed her inside nonetheless.

Inside the house.

Madam Zheng had been laid on the bed.

When Ling Lihua’s gaze landed on the woman’s face, she froze. This person seemed somewhat familiar.

Although her face was pale and haggard, she could still identify the familiarness in her features on a closer look.

Moreover, given the bad blood between her and Madam Zheng, she would probably still recognize that woman even if she had been reduced to ashes.

Therefore, it did not take long for Ling Lihua to realize who she was.

She narrowed her eyes. “Is that Zheng Yanran?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes, that’s her.”

Ling Lihua concealed the murderous intent in her eyes. Seeing the state Madam Zheng was in, she said in surprise, “How did she become like this?”

Lu Liangwei explained, “A few months ago, Dad sent her to White Cloud Temple in the suburbs. When I went to see her today, she was already like this.”

Ling Lihua was taken aback by her words.

She did not know that Lu Hetian had sent Madam Zheng away.

There was undisguised astonishment in her eyes.

After a while, she looked at Lu Liangwei in bewilderment. “Why did you suddenly want to see her?”

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