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Chapter 618: 618

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Chapter 618: Here’s Your Reward, Your Majesty

Lu Liangwei combed his hair first, then bundled it up with the golden crown.

Long Yang held on to her waist, allowing her to have her way with him.

A while later, Lu Liangwei moved back to look at her masterpiece. Still dissatisfied, she undid his hair and combed it all over again.

After repeating the process twice, she was finally pleased with her work.

“It’s done, Your Majesty.” She slid off his lap with a grin, looking at his hairdo with satisfaction.

Long Yang took her hand and said teasingly, “I didn’t know that my Weiwei had such skillful hands.”

Lu Liangwei pressed her lips into a smile. Staring at his handsome face, she suddenly threw her arms around his waist, stood up on her tiptoes, and planted a kiss on his chin.

“You were very cooperative, Your Majesty. Here’s your reward.”

Long Yang’s eyes darkened, and he took advantage of the moment to pull her close to him. “I’m willing to accept such a reward a few more times.”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes playfully. “I’m done talking to you, Your Majesty. I’m hungry, I’m going off to eat.”

Long Yang massaged the spot between his brows. “Don’t you know that I’m hungry too?”

Lu Liangwei said in amusement. “Great, we can eat together.”

Long Yang gave her an implicative glance, and without another word, he took her by the hand and left the imperial study.

Zhao Qian was squatting on the ground and counting ants outside the door.

However, the ground was spotless, and all he saw were two or three ants.

What a pity, the palace servants had cleaned the ground so thoroughly that he did not even have the chance to pass the time by counting ants.

Just then, he heard the door of the room behind him creak open. His spirits brightened, and he immediately stood up and looked over.

He saw his master leading the Empress out by the hand.

He could see at a glance that his master’s hair had been fixed, it was not how it was before.

He was startled. Could it be that, within that short period, Master and the Empress were inside… doing it?

He could not help turning his head to look at the sky, thinking to himself, ‘Isn’t Master’s performance a bit too short-lived?’

Even a stick of incense had yet to finish burning.

Could it be that Master’s restored masculine vigor had only lasted for the wedding night and deflated after that?

He glanced at the Empress’s young face, feeling a little anxious for his master.

Should he ask Chief Physician Lin to prescribe Master some medicine?

“Zhao Qian, serve the meal.”

Just then, Long Yang opened his mouth and ordered.

Zhao Qian came back to his senses with a start. He eyed his master secretly, a decision forming in his heart.

He could ask the imperial kitchen to prepare more tonic soups.

For example, that animal penis or something was pretty effective.

If the imperial kitchen started cooking now, they would be just in time for dinner.

The heaviness in his heart vanished at the thought, and he left briskly.

Lu Liangwei had lunch together with Long Yang in Hidden Dragon Palace.

After the meal, she wanted to go back, but Long Yang held her hand and said with a smile, “I promised to play the zither for you last time, and I haven’t fulfilled it. Do you want to hear me play a piece?”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei sat down again quickly. “Of course.”

Without waiting for Long Yang’s instructions, Zhao Qian swiftly retrieved a zither and placed it on the table.

Long Yang rose, walked over to the table, and sat down behind it. Glancing at Lu Liangwei, he lifted his slender fingers and plucked the strings lightly.

With a soft twang, an unknown piece of music came flowing out.

Lu Liangwei rested her chin on her palms, listening attentively to the Emperor’s playing.

She genuinely found the piece beautiful, in fact, she had never heard anything so lovely before. However, as she listened on, her eyelids started drooping with drowsiness.

She opened her eyes wide to stop herself from falling asleep.

A moment later, Long Yang gazed at the girl lying asleep on the table. His lips curved upward, and he pressed his fingers on the strings to stop playing.

Then, he got up, walked over, and bent down to carry her.

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