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Chapter 633: 633

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Chapter 633: Unhappy With Long Yang’s Decision

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From their conversation, Ling Lihua finally realized who Long Chi was.

So this pretentious Crown Prince was the dirtbag who broke her daughter’s heart?

She looked him up and down. His appearance was still passable, but apart from that, she really could not find any aspect of him that was worth her daughter’s suicide attempt.

However, her daughter was still young, and she had only acted so preposterously because she did not know how to judge a person’s character.

Except for being younger, this filthy Crown Prince was miles away from coming close to his royal uncle.

After making such a comparison, she suddenly felt that the Emperor was so much better and was, in fact, a decent match for her daughter.

Long Chi’s face hardened at Lu Liangwei’s words.

He had only tolerated her all this while because he had indeed let her down, and now he wanted to win her heart back. However, since she kept rejecting his olive branch, how could he continue to let her have her way?

With a grim expression, he said to Lu Liangwei, “It’s getting late. Royal Uncle ordered me to escort you back to the palace. Get in the carriage.” He then pointed to a carriage already parked nearby.

The last thing Lu Liangwei wanted was to return to the palace with this slimeball, but the fact that he dared to say this meant that Long Yang had indeed instructed him to do so. She could not help feeling a little unhappy and confused about Long Yang’s decision.

Why did the Emperor let this despicable Crown Prince wait for her here? Was he trying to upset her on purpose?

“I don’t want to go back yet. You may go your own way, Crown Prince.” She then pushed her mother’s arm lightly. “Mother, let’s go back to the Grand Duke Mansion.”

Ling Lihua nodded. “All right.” As she pulled on the reins and spurred the horse forward, her fingers, shielded by her wide sleeve, silently flicked out a pinch of medicinal powder.

Long Chi let out a sneeze as a strong fragrance wafted up to his nose, and he glanced at the two women passing by. He assumed that it was Lu Liangwei and her mother’s scent, so he did not give it too much thought.

Seeing that Lu Liangwei was really about to leave, he snapped sullenly, “Since you refuse to go back with me, don’t blame me when Royal Uncle punishes you.”

“You think too highly of yourself!” Lu Liangwei snorted, and without sparing him another glance, rode off with her mother.

A gloom enshrouded Long Chi’s face as he watched her leave resolutely.

This woman should not be indulged at all.

Back when he had treated her coldly, she would always find a way to cling to him. However, now that he was slightly kinder to her, she turned up her nose at him.

Long Chi glared at Lu Liangwei’s retreating figure darkly, with extreme displeasure filling his heart.

She could be full of herself all she wanted now. When Royal Uncle dies, she would be in for a crying.

He would then take her for himself and toy with her to his heart’s content.

Lu Liangwei and Ling Lihua went to the Grand Duke Mansion to visit the Dowager Duchess.

The Dowager Duchess was delighted to hear that Ling Lihua was willing to move back and keep her company, and she immediately told Aunt Lan to tidy up Fragrant Blooms Court.

When Ling Lihua heard the words ‘Fragrant Blooms Court’, she was briefly lost in reverie.

That courtyard carried all the memories of her and Lu Hetian.

The beautiful, the painful; they were all there.

“Madam, I can stay in the guest room. There’s no need to…”

“What do you mean, no need? That’s always been your courtyard. Besides, Shenzhi’s been getting the servants to clean it all these years, and it’s still in good condition. I’ll have Aunt Lan tidy it up for a bit, and you can move in right away,” the Dowager Duchess said kindly yet firmly.

“Mother, Grandmother’s right, so you should just say yes..” Lu Liangwei quickly persuaded, seeing that her mother still wanted to refuse.

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