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Chapter 649: 649

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Chapter 649: Suddenly Felt A Warmth In Her Nose

Zhu Yu had not thought of it that way at first, but when she heard Chu Jiu’s words, all the hairs on her body stood up at once. “You mean, he’ll come to me at night? Don’t scare me!”

Chu Jiu shrugged. “I didn’t say that, but you still need to be on guard.”

Distressed, Zhu Yu latched onto Chu Jiu’s arm and said, “Jiu, I want to sleep with you at night.”

Chu Jiu pulled her arm away indifferently. “But I’m not used to sleeping with other people.”

Zhu Yu looked at her pitifully.

She had no clue how she caught Chu Yi’s attention as they seldom crossed paths.

Chu Jiu paused, then patted her on the shoulder. “I was just messing with you. No matter how indecent Chu Yi is, he wouldn’t dare to act recklessly, or else His Majesty would castrate him.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yu exhaled in relief and said with a frown, “Why don’t we ask Miss to ask His Majesty to castrate Chu Yi? That way, everyone will be safe.”

Chu Yi was just in time to hear this when he caught up with them. Her words scared him out of his wits, and he took to his heels and bolted off.

Gosh, women were so terrifying. All he wanted was to get a wife, but they were thinking of castrating him? How dreadfully terrifying.

In the future, he would definitely stay away from women!

When Lu Liangwei woke up, it was already nighttime.

The soreness in her body made her groan softly. Just as she was about to get up, she felt a warm palm on her waist.

The next instant, the man’s hand started massaging her with gentle and moderate force.

She lay back down on the covers, unconsciously letting out a hum as she closed her eyes in pleasure.

Long Yang’s heart pounded when he heard the moan escape her lips.

Did this girl have no idea that she was seducing him?

Lu Liangwei was really not doing it on purpose.

The soreness on her waist was gradually relieved by his massage, and it even felt relaxing.

Just as she was enjoying herself, the force on her waist suddenly disappeared, and she felt a weight press into her back.

Recovering her senses, Lu Liangwei exclaimed and struggled to get up, but the man pinned her down.

“Your Majesty, I…”

“Say my name.” Long Yang embraced her from behind, his voice a husky, erotic whisper.

The tickling feeling made Lu Liangwei turn away slightly. “I…”

“Be good,” Long Yang coaxed.

Lu Liangwei pressed her lips together in endurance, refusing to call his name.

An overwhelming force squeezed her, and she blurted out, “Jun, Junzhi…” Her voice came out in a whimper.

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed, he wanted nothing but to crush her and mold her into his body.

Another hour later, the sounds in the bedchamber finally died down.

Lu Liangwei lay on the bed, drenched in sweat, her eyelashes trembling.

Where did the Emperor learn to wear her out like that? She could not even move a finger now, and her knees hurt terribly, too.

Just then, she felt her body go light as Long Yang scooped her into his arms and said gently, “Let’s take a bath and have dinner later.”

At his words, Lu Liangwei felt hungry too, and her stomach rumbled in response.

Embarrassed, Lu Liangwei buried her face in his arms.

Long Yang’s lips curved into a smile, and he kissed the top of her head. He walked into the bathroom, put her down, and said with a chuckle, “You’ve worked hard, my Empress. Allow me to bathe and dress you.”

Lu Liangwei was still unused to being naked in front of him, and she slid into the bath quickly. When she saw that he had no clothes on as well, she blushed scarlet and turned away hurriedly. “No need, I can do it myself.”

Letting him wash her? She was not that bold yet.

However, the Emperor’s body was seriously amazing.

The view she had glimpsed just now flashed through her mind, and she suddenly felt a warmth in her nose.

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