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Chapter 659: 659

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Chapter 659: Lu Liangwei Took Over Her Place

Ji Linghui reacted accordingly as she accepted the paper kite, smiling as she thanked Lu Liangwei. “I’ll take up your offer, then.”

With that, she unfurled the string of the paper kite and slowly began to run on the grassy field.

The Virtuous Consort did not look happy when she saw this.

She was no longer young and was not some little girl who was still blooming. What would she even look like if she ran around the field with a paper kite in her hands?

However, the Empress had spoken and even the Prudence Consort did not reject her. If the Virtuous Consort were to reject the offer now, people might suspect her of disrespecting the Empress.

Even though she had no respect for Lu Liangwei, it was still necessary for her to put on a façade.

As she was hesitating, Lu Liangwei had also taken a paper kite and slowly unfurled the string. When Lu Liangwei noticed the Virtuous Consort still standing where she was, Lu Liangwei was puzzled. “Virtuous Consort, what’s wrong? Do you not want to fly the paper kite?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I’ll fly it right now.” The Virtuous Consort felt like throwing up blood in her heart. She was extremely unhappy about being reduced to a little girl like this.

Lu Liangwei did not say anything more when she saw this.

It was not long before the sky had three new additions of paper kites of different shapes and sizes. The kites flew higher and higher, as if competing to be the highest in the sky.

Long Yang walked out from the imperial study and immediately spotted four paper kites in the sky. He stopped in his tracks and asked, “Who’s flying paper kites?”

Zhao Qian shook his head. “I have no idea. Shall I go and check it out?”

Long Yang gave this some thought and replied, “It’s fine. Just go find out where the Empress is. I remember that my Royal Sister is coming into the Palace today.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Zhao Qian immediately left.

It was not long before he came running back to report, “Master, Her Highness is in the imperial garden.”

Long Yang glanced at the paper kites flying in the sky when he heard this. A small smile appeared on his lips. So, it was Weiwei who was flying the paper kites. He instructed, “Make the arrangements for me to head to the imperial garden.”

At the imperial garden.

Long Qingzhi was flying the paper kites with Wanyan Zhi when she suddenly felt the need to relieve herself. She turned toward Lu Liangwei. “Weiwei, I’d like to use the lavatory. Can I trouble you to take care of Zhi’er for a while?”

Lu Liangwei immediately agreed. “Go on, Royal Sister. I’ll take good care of Zhi’er.”

Long Qingzhi had trust in Lu Liangwei and left with her servants after informing Wanyan Zhi.

“Zhi’er, I’ll play with you now, alright?” Lu Liangwei took over Long Qingzhi’s place and crouched down in front of Wanyan Zhi.

Wanyan Zhi glanced at her and nodded.

Ji Linghui was flying her paper kite not far away. She slowed down as she turned to look at Lu Liangwei and Wanyan Zhi.

She had heard that the Grand Princess’ son had some sort of problem and was very easily frightened.

She slowly pulled back the kite’s string and quietly looked toward the direction of Lu Liangwei and Wanyan Zhi.

She silently followed behind when she saw both of them walk toward the lake.

There was a man-made lake on the west side of the imperial garden. The lake was very deep and there were usually not many people at the lakeside.

However, for some reason, Wanyan Zhi had ended up going there while flying the paper kite. Lu Liangwei was very cautious as she followed closely behind him.

Unfortunately, the trees at the lake were taller than those in other areas and Wanyan Zhi’s kite was soon caught between the branches.

Wanyan Zhi’s black, bright eyes bulged as he stared at the stuck kite blankly. It was not long before his eyes turned red.

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she quickly tousled his hair gently. “Don’t worry, Zhi’er. I’ll get Big Sis Jiu to help you get it down.”

With that, she turned toward Chu Jiu and Zhu Yu. “Find a way to get the paper kite down.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Chu Jiu and Zhu Yu immediately went toward the tree with the paper kite in it.

The tree was very tall and had a thick trunk. Chu Jiu stood beneath the tree and looked at it for quite a while before leaping up into the tree.

Lu Liangwei stood and watched fixated, looking like she had forgotten about Wanyan Zhi, who stood behind her.

Right then, Ji Linghui came over holding a little aquarium with a tiny goldfish, approaching Wanyan Zhi.

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