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Chapter 660: 660

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Chapter 660: The Situation Has Escalated To Such A Point, And You’re Still Adamant About Dragging Me Down With You

Wanyan Zhi was born in Danjue and had never seen a fish before. When he saw the pretty little goldfish swimming happily in the aquarium, he was immediately drawn to it and forgot about the paper kite stuck in the tree.

When Ji Linghui saw that she had successfully caught his attention with the little fish, a smirk appeared on her lips as she beckoned him over. “Come here.”

Wanyan Zhi was standing near the lakeside at that moment, but he was very young and was not aware of the danger he was in. Moreover, his attention was fully focused on the little goldfish in her hands. When he heard her calling to him, his little feet made quick strides toward her.

A vicious look flashed in Ji Linghui’s eyes.

Long Qingzhi had entrusted her son to Lu Liangwei. If anything happened to Wanyan Zhi, Long Qingzhi would never let Lu Liangwei off the hook. No matter how much His Majesty doted on Lu Liangwei, he would never brush off something like this. At the very least, he would have to reevaluate her.

When Wanyan Zhi was standing at the edge of the lake, the expression on Ji Linghui’s face turned cold as she reached her hand out to him.

She had planned this well. Lu Liangwei’s attention was still on the paper kite in the tree and she had no idea what was happening at the side of the lake.

All Ji Linghui needed to do was to push Wanyan Zhi into the lake and run off quickly to hide in the forest nearby. No one would be able to discover her.

After all, the forest next to the lake was very dense. It was difficult to find anybody there if they were hiding in it.

Wanyan Zhi was oblivious of the danger that was about to befall him. When he saw the aquarium being tossed into the lake and the little goldfish swimming off after a short struggle, he became anxious and instinctively reached out in an attempt to catch it.

Ji Linghui did not need to do anything at all. His foot stepped into thin air and it looked like he was about to fall into the lake.

A pleased look flashed in Ji Linghui’s eyes—her scheme was about to succeed. She was about to make her escape when someone suddenly reached out a hand to hold Wanyan Zhi tightly and pulled him into their arms.

Ji Linghui paused in her steps and the smile on her face froze as she looked at Lu Liangwei standing right in front of her.

Chu Jiu, who was supposed to be taking down the paper kite from the tree, was standing next to Lu Liangwei. Lu Liangwei was holding the unharmed Wanyan Zhi in her arms.

Ji Linghui was taken aback, she clenched tight on the handkerchief in her hands.

It had been all for nothing!

Lu Liangwei looked at her indifferently. “Prudence Consort, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Ji Linghui gave a start and replied nonchalantly, “I’m afraid I don’t understand. Whatever do you mean, Your Highness?”

“Don’t you know what I mean?” Lu Liangwei said coldly as she clapped her hands. A team of palace guards suddenly surged around the originally silent lakeside.

“You thought that no one would figure out what you were up to. And even if I happen to see through it, you would have claimed that I was maligning you. Now that you’re surrounded by so many witnesses, are you still planning to talk your way out of it?”

This team of palace guards was in charge of patrolling the lakeside.

Lu Liangwei had seen them when she went to the lakeside and had instructed Chu Jiu to get them to lie in wait in the area. For one thing, it was to prevent Ji Linghui from doing something untoward. Another reason was to get them to be witnesses.

Ji Linghui immediately understood what was going on when she saw what had transpired.

While she was scheming against Lu Liangwei, Lu Liangwei was also scheming against her. She had been too careless, and walked right into Lu Liangwei’s trap.

“You do have your underhanded ways, Your Highness. You used the child as a tool just to deal with me.” The corner of Ji Linghui’s eyes spotted Long Qingzhi running anxiously toward them.

A sneer appeared on Ji Linghui’s lips as she said sarcastically, “Have you ever considered the fact that if you hadn’t rushed over to catch the Prince in time, what would happen if he fell into the lake with that weak frame and fragile emotions of his?”

Long Qingzhi caught those words just as she arrived. She looked at Lu Liangwei with shock, her gaze filled with questions and confusion.

Lu Liangwei frowned almost indistinctly. She had never expected Ji Linghui to still smear her with a bad name during her own imminent doom.

She had never planned to make use of Wanyan Zhi to get one over Ji Linghui. She had just gone along with the situation to trap Ji Linghui when she realized what was going on. Yet, the situation seemed to have been turned upside-down at the words of Ji Linghui.

A cold stare appeared in Lu Liangwei’s eyes as she gave a small smile. “The Prudence Consort is quite something. The situation has escalated to such a point, and you’re still adamant about dragging me down with you.

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