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Chapter 666: 666

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Chapter 666: Mistook My Mouth For Food

Lu Liangwei blinked and shook her head. “It’s nothing.” She then linked arms with him and pointed at the scar at the corner of his mouth, asking softly, “Does it still hurt?”

Suddenly reminded of it, Long Yang touched the corner of his mouth. It did not hurt, but when he recalled the scene in court that morning, he was a little exasperated.

The wound at the corner of his mouth had been very conspicuous. Although Weiwei had applied ointment on it, the scar was not going to fade away so soon and, as a result, the officials spotted it during the court session.

The entire meeting hall was a bit quieter than usual.

It was difficult not to associate a wound at the corner of the mouth with bedroom affairs.

At that time, there was an imperial censor official who could not help making a move. He had probably wanted to accuse the imperial consorts of injuring the Emperor, but one glance from Long Yang was enough to scare him into silence.

Now that Long Yang thought of it, he still found it amusing.

Meeting the girl’s gaze, he could not help saying teasingly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s just that when the court officials asked me about it, I told them that the Empress got hungry in the middle of the night and mistook my mouth for food.”

Lu Liangwei stopped in her tracks and stared at him in disbelief. “You really said that?”

Long Yang nodded. “What else could I say? That you bit me on purpose?”

“Why did you even say that I bit you? You could have just made up an excuse, like you got bitten by a wild kitty cat or something.” Lu Liangwei was so exasperated that she blurted out the words without thinking twice.

“Bitten by a wild kitty cat?” Long Yang looked at her, an eyebrow raised. “That’s a pretty good explanation. Next time, I’ll make sure to explain to them that way.” Was this girl in front of him not a wild kitty cat herself?

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Shooting him a restrained look, she swore to herself that there would never be a next time.

The Emperor had embarrassed her through and through.

Mistaking the Emperor’s mouth for food in the middle of the night—what would the court officials think of her?

She was on the verge of tears.

“All right, I was just kidding. You really believed that?” Long Yang said helplessly.

Lu Liangwei shot him an incredulous look.

“Did you really think they would be that bold? Even if they were curious, they wouldn’t dare to ask me openly. The most they’d do is speculate in private.” Long Yang stroked her head and reassured her in amusement.

Lu Liangwei’s distress subsided when she heard this.

Well, what he said was true. He was the Emperor; who would have the audacity to ask him such a personal question?

Sighing in relief, she took his hand and walked quickly toward Grand Phoenix Palace. “Hurry up; I’m so hungry.”

Long Yang’s deep eyes twinkled as he let her drag him along.

Zhao Qian muttered glumly to himself as he trailed behind the Emperor and Empress.

There was indeed nobody who had the guts to ask such a question in court. Thinking of the imperial censor official who had been scared stiff by Master, he was full of sympathy for them.

However, although nobody dared to ask, Master had announced it himself.

After court was adjourned, the Crown Prince and several other officials followed Master out of the meeting hall, but Master suddenly stopped and touched the corner of his lips, a blissful smile on his face. “What a naughty girl the Empress is. I wonder if the wound on my mouth has healed or not,” he had said.

He did not spell it out explicitly, but anyone with a shred of common sense could tell what he meant.

Master was clearly announcing to everyone that the wound on his mouth was the unintentional result of intense lovemaking with the Empress last night.

At that moment, he saw the most entertaining expressions appear on the Crown Prince and court officials’ faces. The Crown Prince, in particular, was almost unable to hide the jealousy in his eyes.

Now that he thought about it, Master must have done that on purpose to show off in front of the Crown Prince.

How childish!

Too bad the Empress was also naive enough to be fooled by Master.

How dreadful Master was!

Zhao Qian shook his head and sighed.

Long Qingzhi and Wanyan Zhi had lunch in Grand Phoenix Palace before going back.

After seeing them off, Lu Liangwei wanted to take her usual afternoon nap.. Seeing that Long Yang had more time to spare today, she asked, “Do you want to take a nap, Your Majesty?”

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