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Chapter 684: If She Had Contracted Some Filthy Disease

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Chapter 684: If She Had Contracted Some Filthy Disease

“You’ve always been inside the Eastern Palace?” Long Chi sneered.

“It sounds like Beauty Chen has not only picked up the bad habit of lying. Even your memory isn’t doing that well.”

He looked at Jiang Chong and said, “Since Beauty Chen has trouble with her memory, why don’t you have a chat with her and help her remember”

Jiang Chong immediately addressed Chen Qiyu when he heard the words. “Beauty Chen, you went missing last month for close to half a month. Madam Liu had even made a fuss here because of this. However, you suddenly returned, looking quite well. Yet, no one knew where you were during the period of your disappearance, nor did anyone know what you were doing.”

Chen Qiyu quietly clenched her handkerchief tightly. She knew that this would be exposed one day.

However, she still felt that luck was on her side. After all, if Lu Yunshuang had dared to mention this matter to the Crown Prince, it would mean that Lu Yunshuang would be also bringing trouble to herself.

It seemed like Chen Qiyu had overestimated Lu Yunshuang’s capability for tolerance.

By being so impatient about getting even with Chen Qiyu, was Lu Yunshuang not afraid of being dragged through the mud with her?

Fortunately, Chu Qi had come over to warn Chen Qiyu last night about this, which was why she was prepared.

It was also why she was able to remain calm despite feeling some anxiety over this.

“I was not feeling well during the time and I fainted at the side of the road. Mei’er managed to get some kind-hearted commoners to help me and it was later discovered that I was pregnant. The physician warned me that the fetus in my womb was disturbed and that it was not a good idea for me to move around. I had no choice but to stabilize my condition by staying in that commoner’s house. I felt much better after a few days and returned to the Palace. Coincidentally, I bumped into Butler Zhao on the way and he escorted me back. If you don’t believe me, you may go to Butler Zhao to confirm this.”

Previously, Long Chi had believed her statement because he had been overjoyed when he found out she was pregnant. In addition, she had indeed been escorted by Zhao Qian, so he did not look deeper into this. However, now that he thought back about it, he found that her story had many loopholes.

Moreover, his Royal Uncle had been present when the brothel was exposed.

If Chen Qiyu had been inside at the time, it would explain why Zhao Qian was the one who had escorted her back to the Eastern Palace. Clearly, his Royal Uncle was the one who saved Chen Qiyu.

Although his Royal Uncle knew she had been defiled, he still brought her back and had even gotten Zhao Qian to cook up a lie for it. What was his agenda?

Long Chi felt a deep feeling of disgust.

What did his Royal Uncle mean by all this?

How could he allow a filthy woman to stay by his side, even allowing him and her to continue…

If she had contracted some filthy disease, he would have…

Long Chi’s face turned grim. “Is that so? Could there be a commoner with such a kind heart? Where does this person live? Why don’t you give me the details and I’ll send someone to invite them over? This would give me the chance to thank them properly.”

Chen Qiyu’s fingers dug deep into her palm, which helped her maintain a bold front without exposing the fear she felt. She replied calmly, “That family lives in the East of the city. I’ve already thanked them the day I returned. If you insist on thanking them personally, I’ll…”

“Chen Qiyu, are you still trying to lie your way through this when things have escalated to this point? Do you take me for a fool?” Long Chi suddenly interrupted her sharply.

Chen Qiyu broke out in cold sweat and Mei’er, who was at her side, shivered from fear.

“Please look into this, Your Highness. I have not done anything to betray you. Someone is trying to frame me.” Chen Qiyu’s tone was calm. There was no sign of panic in her voice.

Long Chi sneered. “Tell me then, who would want to frame you?”

Chen Qiyu lowered her eyes. “You are a wise man, Your Highness. You know who it is without me stating any names.

Long Chi was taken aback.

Chen Qiyu continued, “I’ve never been on good terms with my older brother and the Duke Chen Mansion has been sealed because of my brother’s foolishness. I’m lucky to have the protection of the Crown Prince to be able to avoid being implicated.. I just found out that my brother had been rescued yesterday and today, you received such a peculiar letter…”

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