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Chapter 686: 686

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Chapter 686: Long Yang’s True Target

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“Lu Yunshuang, you should know best about what you’ve done. If you cannot practice graciousness and magnitude befitting the Crown Princess, you shouldn’t be holding the title. I will immediately make a request to His Majesty to strip you of the Crown Princess title!” Long Chi turned to walk away with a dark look on his face the moment he finished speaking.

Everyone in the courtyard was stunned as they stood where they were, unable to react to what had just happened.


The Crown Prince had slapped the Crown Princess, then threatened to strip her of the Crown Princess’ title!

This was astonishing news.

Chen Qiyu was slightly surprised as well. She had never thought that the Crown Prince would hand out such a heavy punishment to Lu Yunshuang.

Chen Qiyu was the first to react as she looked at Lu Yunshuang’s swollen cheek. It was a great feeling.


She had never thought that this day would come for Lu Yunshuang. There was justice in the world after all!

Chen Qiyu stood up with the help of Mei’er. She did not even bother to hide the happy smile on her face.

“Your Highness, oh wait, you won’t be the Crown Princess soon. I wonder how many grades you will be demoted to?”

Lu Yunshuang gave a start when she heard the words. She stared coldly at Chen Qiyu. “Chen Qiyu, what did you say to His Highness?”


Chen Qiyu sniggered. “How dare you even ask me this question? However, I do have some words to share with you. I wonder if you’ve ever heard the saying of attempting to move a rock and dropping it on your own feet. If you hadn’t tried to create something out of nothing, and placed that letter onto the Crown Prince’s table, you wouldn’t have incurred his wrath. Looks like everything has worked out fine for me because of the child in my womb. Unfortunately for you, the Crown Prince now despises you.

With that, she placed her hand on her flat tummy. “People should always remember not to overestimate themselves. They might accidentally implicate themselves in the process of their scheming.”

Lu Yunshuang was shocked and enraged. She had no idea what had gone wrong for Long Chi to be so furious with her.

She had guessed that Long Chi would be angry at her once he found out Chen Qiyu had been in the brothel, but she never could have imagined that Chen Qiyu would emerge unscathed while she was the one who ended up in trouble.

Why did Long Chi not feel disgust for Chen Qiyu?

Even if the baby in Chen Qiyu’s womb belonged to Long Chi, how could he endure the fact that his child was growing in a mother with a filthy body?


Why had he not ordered Chen Qiyu to be secretly executed, but punished her instead?

What exactly had gone wrong?

Chen Qiyu noticed how upset Lu Yunshuang looked. There was even some disbelief mixed into her expression. She could tell what was going through Lu Yunshuang’s mind.

Unfortunately for Lu Yunshuang, she had no idea that Long Chi was now impotent. If she had known about this, she would not have made this move.

Before he was treated for this ailment, the Crown Prince would never lay a finger on Chen Qiyu. The child in her womb could end up being his only child.

Lu Yunshuang desperately wanted to lunge at Chen Qiyu and end her life right then when she saw the triumphant look on Chen Qiyu’s face. However, the most important thing for Lu Yunshuang now was to recapture the Crown Prince’s heart. Otherwise, her time would be over once the Emperor decrees the edict.

She did not give Chen Qiyu a second look. There was still plenty of time in the future to take care of her.

Lu Yunshuang quickly ran toward the direction Long Chi left, with Hong Xiu following behind.


Unfortunately for her, Long Chi had already left the Eastern Palace and was walking directly toward the imperial study.

His expression was especially grim.

No wonder Chen Qiyu was so calm. She had his Royal Uncle’s support.

It was not long before he figured out the truth behind the situation. His Royal Uncle’s true target…was Lu Yunshuang.

His Royal Uncle had long been unhappy with Lu Yunshuang. Even though his Royal Grandmother had intercepted the brothel situation and saved Lu Yunshuang from implication, his Royal Uncle had discovered Lu Yunshuang’s involvement and was waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Unfortunately for her, Lu Yunshuang was stupid enough not to maintain a low profile at this point.. She was still plotting to drag Chen Qiyu down, which gave his Royal Uncle the chance to incarcerate her.

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