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Chapter 687: 687

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Chapter 687: Long Yang Was A Wily Old Fox

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He licked his dry lips.

It had never crossed his mind before this to strip Lu Yunshuang of her title. She was the Crown Princess he had chosen, after all. Moreover, he was able to gain a steady foothold on his status because of Lu Yunshuang’s help.

However, even if he did not want to do so, he could not go against his Royal Uncle’s wishes. At the very least, he had to follow what his Royal Uncle wanted before he ascended to the throne.

Chu Qi had arrived at the imperial study before Long Chi came. He reported everything that had happened at the Eastern Palace to Long Yang.

“…Now, the Crown Prince is on his way here.”

Long Yang nodded and continued working on the Palace Memorials at hand.

It was not long before Zhao Qian announced Long Chi’s arrival and led him into the study.

“Royal Uncle.” Long Chi bowed at him.

“Why are you here today, Crown Prince?” Long Yang did not even lift his head as he asked nonchalantly.

Long Chi darted a look at him and secretly sneered.

His Royal Uncle was a wily old fox. Long Yang had created trouble for him without revealing his hand, and was even able to pretend as if nothing had happened. This was something that Long Chi thought he should really learn from his Royal Uncle.

He displayed a look of shame as he said, “Royal Uncle, the Crown Princess has been in the Eastern Palace for quite a while and, to date, has not borne me any child. Moreover, she is petty at heart and does not offer any place in it for anyone from the harem. Such a person does not deserve the title of Crown Princess. I am here to request for the Crown Princess to be demoted to Lady of Excellence, and for her to be grounded within the Eastern Palace to repent on her mistakes.”

Long Yang placed his brush down when he heard this and said with a tone of concern, “Why would you suddenly want to strip the Crown Princess of her title? This isn’t some game of house played by children. And I don’t think the Crown Princess has done anything too terrible. Did you get into an argument with the Crown Princess? You’re the Crown Prince. How could you have the same worldview as a mere housewife?”

A sweet, bloody taste emerged in Long Chi’s throat and he tried to force it down. Otherwise, he would have thrown up blood on the spot.

Stripping Lu Yunshuang of her title was obviously what his Royal Uncle had intended. Did he not plan all this just to get Long Chi to request for it on his own accord?

Why was his Royal Uncle saying such words now?

What did he mean by kids playing house and about Long Chi having the worldview of a housewife?

He suppressed the sweet tang in his throat and knelt, saying sincerely, “Royal Uncle, I have made my decision. I plead for you to accept my request.”

Long Yang sighed and asked, “Have you discussed the matter with your grandmother?”

“Royal grandmother does not need to be aware of this. I am the one who can no longer take Lu Yunshuang’s attitude and I am not willing for her to continue keeping the title of the Crown Princess. The title of Crown Princess should be given to someone able, virtuous, and of integrity.”

Long Yang said helplessly, “Since the Crown Princess is of poor behavior, there is no need for you to continue enduring this. I will respect your wishes and strip Lu Yunshuang of her Crown Princess title, and demote her to Lady of Excellence.”

“Thank you for your graciousness, Royal Uncle.” Long Chi looked delighted but he was extremely gloomy inside.

It was not long before Long Chi returned to the Eastern Palace with the imperial edict in hand.

He was sneering in his heart.

Royal Uncle, that wily old fox. He was the one who wanted to strip Lu Yunshaung of her title, but the edict clearly stated that the Crown Prince was the one who could not tolerate the Crown Princess, which was the reason given for Lu Yunshuang’s title being stripped and demoted to Lady of Excellence.

Long Chi thought this all to be ironic. His Royal Uncle had probably forced this onto him because he did not want Lu Liangwei to be implicated in what happened to Lu Yunshuang.

As long as Long Chi was the reason for Lu Yunshuang being stripped of her title, no one would be led into thinking about Lu Yunshuang’s questionable virtues. Therefore, no one would start associating the same virtues with Lu Liangwei.

His Royal Uncle had planned this really well!

Lu Yunshuang passed out immediately upon receiving the imperial edict, and the entire Eastern Palace descended into chaos.

Long Chi looked at the unconscious Lu Yunshuang and closed his eyes, turning to leave.

Lu Yunshuang woke up after the imperial physician had given her a check-up. She realized that she had been moved from the principal courtyard she had always occupied to the courtyard at the back..

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