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Chapter 691: 691

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Chapter 691: His Majesty Had Poked Fun At Himself Too

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“Please rise, Virtuous Consort.” Long Yang was in a good mood and he looked friendlier than usual when he looked at the Virtuous Consort.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The Virtuous Consort was delighted.

She had been in the Palace for many years and had rarely seen the Emperor look so friendly to anyone.

Now, she had this friendliness to call her own.

As Long Yang was in a happy mood, it gave the Virtuous Consort unrealistic hopes.

She put a hand on her chest and followed quietly behind the Emperor and Empress.

Lu Liangwei had also noticed Long Yang’s attitude toward the Virtuous Consort.

She did not think much of it because Long Yang had already told her that she was the only woman he wanted for his entire life. That was why the few concubines in the imperial harem had never really bothered Lu Liangwei before.

However, when she saw Long Yang smile at another woman, she suddenly felt uncomfortable for some strange reason.

Why would Long Yang suddenly act so friendly toward the Virtuous Consort?

Lu Liangwei could not help but size up the Virtuous Consort’s dressing and makeup.

It was probably in consideration of the hunt at Cool Mountains, for the Virtuous Consort did not dress as extravagantly as usual. She dressed in a simple outfit and looked younger and more energetic than usual.

The Virtuous Consort had put on simple makeup and the mature air about her gave her a feminine charm which was unlike Lu Liangwei’s tender child-like quality.

Lu Liangwei gave the Virtuous Consort a look over before finally turning her gaze away.

“What were you looking at just now?”

Long Yang pulled her to sit on his lap once they got onto the horse-drawn carriage. When he spoke, his lips brushed against her ear. His warm breath blew into her ear and Lu Liangwei went weak all over.

However, she forcefully pulled herself together to say, “I was looking at your concubine.”

Long Yang was taken aback. “What’s so interesting about the Virtuous Consort?”

Lu Liangwei replied brusquely, “I’d like to know that too. What’s so interesting about the Virtuous Consort?”

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed as he looked at her thoughtfully. After a while, a smile appeared on his lips and he pinched her chin. He said pointedly, “Are you jealous, Weiwei?”

Lu Liangwei looked at him in astonishment. “What would I be jealous about?”

“I’d like to know that too. What is Weiwei being jealous about?” Long Yang imitated her tone as he replied.

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Lu Liangwei was not about to admit anything. “I’m not jealous.”

“You aren’t? Then why do I smell some grapes going sour in the air? Or did my little Empress overturn a vat of vinegar?” Long Yang teased, experiencing a floaty feeling like he was walking on clouds.

It was rare to see this girl having a tantrum because of him.

Watching her being jealous made him even happier than when Great Shang expanded their lands and territories.

Lu Liangwei finally realized he was insinuating that she was being jealous and she pouted. She puffed up her cheeks to say, “You’re the jealous one!”

Long Yang was tickled by how adorable she was. He brushed his fingers over her nose. Feeling amused, he said, “Which eye of yours spotted me looking at the Virtuous Consort?”

Lu Liangwei wrapped her hands around his neck. “Both of my eyes spotted it. You were happy to see her, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang felt slightly maligned. “What’s so great about looking at an old woman? You’ve seen it all wrong.”

Even though it was not very nice, Lu Liangwei could not help bursting out with a giggle when she heard him refer to the Virtuous Consort as an old woman.

Long Yang’s eyes turned dark when he saw the girl’s beautiful face burst out in a bright smile. He felt something burn inside him as he grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her, his lips dominating hers that had bloomed a smile, seizing the smile as it laid a mark on his heart.

Not long after, Lu Liangwei was lying in his arms as she silently complained, ‘If the Virtuous Consort was an old woman, wouldn’t that make His Majesty an old man since he is a few years older than her?’

His Majesty had poked fun at the Virtuous Consort, but he did not realize he had poked fun at himself too.

Lu Liangwei was feeling delighted over this as she lifted her face to look at the man who had his eyes closed as if resting.

Long Yang pressed her head to his chest. “Have some rest.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei moved into a more comfortable position while still lying in his arms..

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