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Chapter 696: 696

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Chapter 696: Ruined Someone Else’s Passionate Moment

Lu Liangwei patted her on the shoulder. “When that time comes, you better be quick and efficient and don’t show him any compassion.”

“Please, as if I’d show that dirtbag any compassion!” Lin Qingyuan snorted. “If he ever has the nerve to show up, I’ll knock all his teeth out!”

Lu Liangwei gave her a thumbs up. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Lin Qingyuan rolled her eyes. “Chen Xuping’s not an idiot. Why’d he come to me? If he really has to turn to someone, he should turn to Lu Yunshuang.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “My thoughts exactly.”

After talking for a while more, they were about to go back when they heard a strange noise coming from the trees.

Lin Qingyuan heard it too. “What’s that noise? Could it be a beast?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I have no idea. Why don’t we go and take a look?”

Glancing at Chu Jiu behind them, Lin Qingyuan suddenly said excitedly, “Sure, I’ve never seen large-sized prey before in my life. Maybe there’s a huge tiger in there.”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes and said darkly, “If it really is a huge tiger, it’ll swallow you first.”

As Chu Jiu was there, Lin Qingyuan was fearless. “Chu Jiu won’t let me be eaten.”

Lu Liangwei shot her a sidelong glance and dampened her confidence mercilessly. “Chu Jiu is responsible for protecting me. If a critical moment arises, she wouldn’t care about your safety in the slightest.”

Lin Qingyuan was speechless. However, she had already spoken with such bravado, and if she backed down now, would she not be admitting that she was a coward?

She fished out a medicine ball from the bag at her waist. “I don’t believe that there are any huge tigers on these hunting grounds. That noise was probably some snake or insect. If you’re scared, you can go back.” With that, she suddenly dashed a few steps forward, raised her hand, and hurled the medicine ball into the trees where the noise had come from.


There was an ear-shattering explosion, followed by a cloud of thick smoke, and the next instant, there came a shriek.

At the sound of the scream, Lin Qingyuan covered her nose and hurried back to Lu Liangwei. She nudged her and said uncertainly, “I heard a woman’s scream just now. Could it be that it’s a human in there and not a tiger?”

Lu Liangwei smirked. “I heard it too. Maybe you ruined someone else’s passionate moment with your actions.”

Lin Qingyuan was dumbfounded. “No way.”

Lu Liangwei urged her, “You can go in and see if it’s true or not for yourself.”

Lin Qingyuan pursed her lips. “I—I don’t think that will be necessary.”

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow and reminded her considerately, “That medicine ball contains coma-inducing medicine, and maybe whoever was there has already fainted. Besides, these are hunting grounds where beasts could appear at any time. What if a beast drags them away? Wouldn’t you be indirectly responsible for their deaths?”

Her words filled Lin Qingyuan with guilt.

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She was right—these were hunting grounds where beasts could appear without warning.

Although it was an unintentional mistake on her part, if someone really got eaten by a beast, their blood would be on her hands.

After giving it some thought, she shook Lu Liangwei’s arm. “Weiwei, won’t you go in with me?”

Lu Liangwei was unwilling to accompany her. Judging from the noises she had heard just now, she dreaded that she would see something nasty in there which would burn her eyes.

Chu Jiu stepped forward and said to Lin Qingyuan, “It’s not appropriate for Her Highness to take such a risk. I’ll go in with you.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to stop her, but Lin Qingyuan had already clung to her arm. “Thank you, Miss Chu Jiu.”

Chu Jiu shot her a look and pushed her away disdainfully. “No need to cotton up.”

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

Lu Liangwei waved to them. “Then I’ll stay here waiting for you..”

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