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Chapter 698: 698

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Chapter 698: Waited For Mayhem To Ensue
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When Long Yang and the others arrived, Lu Liangwei and Lin Qingyuan had already retreated to the edge of the woods.

Long Yang immediately caught sight of Lu Liangwei standing there and strode over to her with a frown on his face.


Seeing the crowd behind him, Lu Liangwei hastily dipped into a curtsy. “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

However, before she could bend her knees, Long Yang supported her up.

She also took the opportunity to ignore Empress Dowager Xiaojing, who had made her way over a little later.

However, all the Empress Dowager was thinking about now was her precious grandson; she was so distraught that she did not notice Lu Liangwei

“What happened?” asked Long Yang.

Lu Liangwei averted her gaze slightly and replied, “Miss Lin and I were just strolling over here when we suddenly heard a loud noise from inside the woods, so we told the guards to go in and check. The guards found the Crown Prince and Beauty Lin lying in a weird position on the ground. After I learned about it, I sent a guard to go back and inform you. I have no idea what’s going on in there now.”

Her voice was neither too loud nor too soft, but it was just loud enough for the Empress Dowager beside her to hear.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing fidgeted with the Buddhist prayer beads in her hands and, after seeing that the guards had not come out after some time, she restlessly made a beeline for the woods.

“I’ll go and take a look.”

As the Crown Prince’s royal uncle, Long Yang naturally needed to show some concern and hurriedly said, “I’ll go in too. I hope that the Crown Prince is all right.” He then said to Lu Liangwei, “You stay here, don’t go anywhere.”

“All right,” Lu Liangwei replied meekly.

Seeing that the Emperor and the Empress Dowager had gone in, the court officials who had followed them over naturally had to express some worry for the Crown Prince as well, so they went in after them.

Lu Liangwei and Lin Qingyuan exchanged glances, unable to suppress the smile on their lips.

This time, the Crown Prince was bound to be subjected to absolute embarrassment.

He had been fooling around with one of his harem’s beauties in the woods, but for some reason, both of them fainted—was it because they were too excited?

The two women relished in the Crown Prince’s upcoming misery as they waited for mayhem to ensue.

The guards had just gone in, so they would definitely have the time to put Long Chi’s clothes on him.

If he were to wake up at this exact time, it would be a fantastic scene.

“You sprinkled that medicine on Long Chi just now, right?” Lu Liangwei leaned over to Lin Qingyuan to make sure.

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Lin Qingyuan gave her an affirmative gesture. “Don’t worry; I sprinkled the medicine under the Crown Prince’s nose while dressing Beauty Lin.”

Lu Liangwei nodded in satisfaction. “Perfect.”

Lin Qingyuan could barely hide her smile. “Hey, why are you so mean?” When she went in just now, she had kicked the Crown Prince’s pants further away according to Lu Liangwei’s instructions. It would take the guards some time to retrieve them, and they would not be able to put them back on the Crown Prince before the Emperor and the court officials arrived.

She nearly burst into laughter as she envisioned that scene.

Lu Liangwei straightened up and dusted off her sleeves. “Don’t sling mud at me. I didn’t even step into the woods. Weren’t you the one who did all that?”

Lin Qingyuan fumed. “Hey, you were the one who told me to do it. You can’t get off scot-free.”

“Hush, they’re coming out.” Lu Liangwei suddenly signaled for her to stop talking.

Lin Qingyuan hurriedly shut her mouth and looked toward the entrance to the woods. Sure enough, everyone had come out.

Long Yang was still the one in the lead, followed by the Empress Dowager and the ashen-faced Crown Prince..

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