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Chapter 702: 702

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Chapter 702: His Son Might Be Already Living In Weiwei’s Womb
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Lu Liangwei sniggered coldly. His Majesty was a wily old fox!

How was it that she was suddenly sympathetic of that b*stard, Long Chi? Although, he certainly had some rotten luck to have gotten himself such an uncle.

As the two of them made their return, they bumped into Long Qingzhi, who was carrying Wanyan Zhi in her arms.

Long Qingzhi must have educated Wanyan Zhi for quite a while. This time, he did not call out ‘Big Sis’ when he addressed Lu Liangwei.

“Uncle, Aunt,” Wanyan Zhi greeted them obediently. However, he immediately turned his head after greeting them and silently rested against Long Qingzhi’s shoulder, not saying a word.

Long Qingzhi rubbed his head sympathetically.

The poor little guy.

He did not want to call Lu Liangwei ‘Aunt’, but Long Qingzhi had taught him over and over again every single day, and he had no choice but to change his greeting.

Long Yang was pretty happy that the little fellow finally knew his place. When he noticed Wanyan Zhi looking slightly unhappy, he cajoled Wanyan Zhi in a rare display of tenderness. “Zhi’er, how would you like it if I brought you out hunting tomorrow?”

Wanyan Zhi was feeling a little sleepy at the moment and he gave a start at the words. He turned to look at Long Yang.

Long Yang gave a little smile when he saw this. “Zhi’er, are you interested in hunting?”

“I like riding horses.” It took quite a while before Wanyan Zhi stuttered these words. “Father taught me how to ride before. On the huge green fields, the big horses can run really fast.”

Saying such a long string of Chinese words in one go revealed that he was not very fluent with the language. However, he had no problems when it came to basic words that were used frequently.

All three went silent when they heard his words.

Zhi’er was missing his father.

Long Qingzhi’s eyes quickly turned red.

Long Yang reached out to Wanyan Zhi. “Zhi’er, do you want to ride a horse right now? I can take you on a ride.”

Wanyan Zhi hesitated as he looked at Long Yang. His uncle might look quite similar to his mother, but he was always so serious and grim whenever Wanyan Zhi saw him. This scared the young boy a little.

However, the temptation of riding a horse was strong. Wanyan Zhi finally overcame his fear for his uncle and slowly reached out his arms.

Long Yang noticed the little fellow’s fear of him. When he saw Wanyan Zhi hesitantly reaching out his little arms, a small smile appeared on Long Yang’s face as he picked up Wanyan Zhi.

Wanyan Zhi’s breath stopped as he glanced fretfully at Long Yang.

Lu Liangwei had also noticed his fear. She held his little hand in encouragement. “Zhi’er, don’t be afraid. Your uncle is a really nice man. He won’t scold anyone without good reason. He just looks a little fierce, but he’s actually really nice. Also, he’s great at riding horses. Once you’ve grown up a little, you can get him to teach you how to ride.”

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Wanyan Zhi looked at her a little doubtfully when he heard this.

His uncle only looked a little fierce?

Wanyan Zhi could not help lifting his dark, bright eyes to glance at his uncle’s face.

Long Yang quickly tried to soften his expression to give Wanyan Zhi a gentle smile, but he was feeling exhausted emotionally. Was his face considered fierce? Did he really look so scary?

His little Empress had even taken the liberty to market him off. What if Wanyan Zhi really did approach him for riding lessons one day? Could he reject the little boy?

Even though the boy was his sister’s son, he felt that he would be more willing to teach his own son riding.

Long Yang’s gaze secretly fell onto the girl’s flat tummy at this thought.

He could not help imagining that his son might already be living there.

Long Qingzhi gave a soft cough when she heard Lu Liangwei’s words. It was a little awkward.

Her brother just looked a little fierce?

Despite being his sister, even she did not think so.

Her brother must have been extremely warm and gentle to his little Empress for her to have such an illusion.

However, when Long Qingzhi saw that Zhi’er was now willing to get closer to her brother, she could not help but encourage him. “Go on, Zhi’er. Your aunt is completely right. You must listen to your uncle, alright?”

Wanyan Zhi’s remaining doubts vanished immediately as he nodded..

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