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Chapter 705: 705

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Chapter 705: It Would Not Be As Simple As Just Circling Dozens Of Times Around The Palace Walls
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What a suck-up!

Chi Qi came to this conclusion after some consideration.

Even Lu Liangwei thought Zhao Qian was exaggerating.

Even though she believed that Long Yang was tired as he had to worry about the country’s affairs, he was not as thin and frail as Zhao Qian described. Last night, Long Yang had even…

He did not sleep much, but was quite energetic, in fact.

Nevertheless, she had seen him busying himself with taking care of the country’s affairs and her heart ached to watch him work so hard. She could not help him out with anything, so she wanted to make some soup for him.

“Let’s go,” Lu Liangwei said as she urged her horse toward the forest.

Chu Qi immediately rode his horse forward and blocked her way when he saw this. “Your Highness, I should scout the road ahead first.”

Lu Liangwei observed the cold exterior of this young boy and smiled warmly. She did not reject his suggestion. “Alright. Sorry to trouble you, Lil Qi.”

Chu Qi felt slightly uncomfortable at her words. He was almost the same age as Lu Liangwei and when she spoke with seniority, it made him feel awkward.

However, he had no say in the matter as his master had married her.

He sighed.

Lu Liangwei was amused as she watched the young boy ride off on his horse.

His Majesty was always claiming that she was fond of acting like a mature person despite being so young. It was this personal guard of his that loved acting like a mature person, not her.

He was but a fourteen-year-old rascal!

The three of them entered the forest in the enclosure. They moved along for a while before finally spotting some small animals such as pheasants and wild rabbits.

Lu Liangwei fished out the silver needle she always brought along with her and targeted a pheasant. She had aimed at it and was prepared to dispatch it when something swished through the air before she could make a move.


The next moment, the lively pheasant was lying in a pool of its own blood.

The young boy walked past her and bent down to chop off the pheasant’s neck before holding it up in his hands.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She clapped after a while and praised him. “Your flying daggers are truly swift!”

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Chu Qi darted a look at the silver needle in her hand when he walked by and turned his gaze away.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Was she being looked down upon?

Zhao Qian quickly ran over in concern when he noticed this and pointed to a wild rabbit under a tree not far away. “Your Highness, there’s a wild rabbit over there!”

Lu Liangwei’s spirits were lifted when she saw the rabbit. She jumped down from her horse and quietly moved closer to the wild rabbit.

Just as she found herself in the perfect position and was confident she was able to kill the rabbit, the familiar sound of swishing air was heard again.


The little rabbit could not react to the attack and died on the spot.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Zhao Qian behind her. “…”

Right then, the young boy walked out from behind a tree and picked up the rabbit from the ground adeptly. He then walked off in a casual manner.

Lu Liangwei turned to say to Zhao Qian, “Butler Zhao, do you know what’s the best way to cook a rabbit?”

Zhao Qian was busy judging Chu Qi’s thoughtlessness at the moment.

How could he not notice that Her Highness wanted to personally hunt an animal?

That rascal was not observant at all. Was this even the right time for him to be showing off?

He was not worried about Her Highness being in a bad mood. However, if she went to complain to their master, the result would not be as simple as just circling dozens of times around the Palace walls!

When Zhao Qian heard Lu Liangwei’s question, he gave a start and replied, “About this, I don’t really know the answer. Although, it sounds like Your Highness already has an idea. Could I ask how you are planning to cook the rabbit?”

Lu Liangwei replied, “Before coming to this hunting trip on Cool Mountains, I took the liberty to develop a few packs of exclusive barbeque sauce. As long as I use my secret recipe and rub some on the rabbit meat before roasting it, I guarantee you will be able to catch a whiff of the aroma anywhere within ten miles and you’ll be craving for a piece..”

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