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Chapter 708: 708

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Chapter 708: The Kind That Had Never Seen Women Before

His heart was especially tingling with desire at the thought of Lu Liangwei being here.

The Cool Mountains were vast, and Royal Uncle would lead the court officials out to hunt during the day. If he could take Lu Liangwei out…

Royal Uncle was dying, anyway. Lu Liangwei would be his sooner or later.

Besides, Lu Liangwei might be the most effective remedy to his illness.

At night, Lu Liangwei scooped the nourishing chicken soup she had cooked into a bowl, then cut some roasted rabbit meat into thin slices and put them on a white jade porcelain plate. She placed the dishes on a tray and brought them to the study room.

When she arrived, she saw Chu Qi and Zhao Qian outside the doors and said to them, “The rabbit meat’s all roasted, and I’ve saved some for you in the kitchen. Chu Jiu’s already headed there, you should go and eat too.”

Chu Qi had, in fact, already smelled the aroma of roasted rabbit.

He knew how to roast meat too, but he could never do it as deliciously as the Empress.

The air was filled with the mouth-watering smell of roasted meat, and even Zhao Qian was starting to get a little hungry.

“Thank you, Your Highness. I’ll head there this instant.”

“Go ahead.” Lu Liangwei smiled. “There’s still a lot in the kitchen. You’ve worked hard earlier this afternoon. Please help yourselves.”

Delighted, Zhao Qian thanked her once more before scurrying off.

Chu Qi glanced at Lu Liangwei, and just when he was about to speak, he heard her say, “You should go too.”

Only then did Chu Qi dash off after Zhao Qian.

Lu Liangwei shook her head as she opened the doors and entered the imperial study.

When she stepped inside, she realized that Long Xiao, the Prince of Xiangyang, was there too.

Long Xiao rose and performed a fist and palm salute to her. “Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “You’re here too, Prince.”

When Long Yang saw her enter, a smile flickered across his eyes. He got up and took the tray from her, asking, “What delicious food did you make? I can already smell it.”

“I made some chicken soup and roasted some rabbit meat. Why don’t you have a taste?” Lu Liangwei passed him a pair of chopsticks.

Long Yang accepted them with a smile. Taking her hand, he pulled her to sit down beside him. “I heard from Zhao Qian that you’ve been making this in the kitchen all afternoon. You must be tired.”

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips, planning to act a little more reserved in the presence of an outsider. However, seeing him speak so casually, she could not help grinning and said, “I’m not tired. Butler Zhao and Chu Qi are the ones who are exhausted.”

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Long Yang scooped a spoonful of chicken soup and brought it to her lips.

Unable to hold the act any longer, Lu Liangwei secretly shot him a look of feigned annoyance and reminded him in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the Prince of Xiangyang is still watching.”

Long Yang hardly batted an eye. “Don’t worry about him. Just pretend that he doesn’t exist.”

Long Xiao, “…”

How could they pretend that he, a whole grown man, did not exist when he was standing right there?

Moreover, wasn’t Royal Brother a bit too much? Even if he refused to invite him to eat together, how could he display affection so openly in front of him? Was he mocking him for not having a wife?

Thinking to himself, he said sheepishly, “Since you’re busy, Royal Brother, I’ll take my leave first. I’ll come back when you’re free.”

Long Yang waved a hand without even looking at him. “Be off with you.”

Long Xiao, “…”

He felt his heart shatter in that instant. What was going on?

What a big old lecher Royal Brother was – those rumors of him being uninterested in women and practicing abstinence were all just a load of baloney!

At this moment, Royal Brother looked just like a hungry wolf – the kind that had never seen women before!

Long Xiao thought bitterly to himself, but he could not help glancing back as he left, hoping that his heartless royal brother would call out to him and ask him to stay for dinner.

As a result, he once again learned that he really should not expect too much from his royal brother.

Right now, who else could capture Royal Brother’s attention except Lu Liangwei?

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