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Chapter 715: 715

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Chapter 715: How Could Someone So Thick-skinned Exist In This World

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Chen Qiyu paused and her eyes reddened. She turned her back toward him. “It’s fine. Everything is in the past.”

Most of all, she did not want to bring up the brothel at all, because any mention of it would remind her of the darkest and dirtiest period in her life.

Chen Xuping knew that even though Chen Qiyu had saved him, she must still have her reservations about him.

He was silent for a while before saying, “It’s late, and you’re pregnant. You should turn in early. I’ll take my leave now.”

Chen Qiyu immediately turned to face him when she heard this and tried to convince him to stay. “Lu Yunshuang is heavily wounded. They will be on a strict lookout for you. You’ll be discovered the moment you walk out of here. It’s better for you to stay the night and leave when their guard is lowered slightly tomorrow.”

She paused, worried that he would overthink things, and elaborated, “No matter what, it’s a fact that our family is in a horrible predicament now because of you. Moreover, Father is old. When I saw him off the other day, his hair had turned entirely white. I’m saving you today because I hope that you will repay Father with filial piety and take care of him for the remainder of his life.”

Chen Xuping felt a deep sense of remorse when he heard this.

She was right. He had caused his family irreparable harm and was the reason why his father was suffering now…

Chen Qiyu continued, “If you still have any conscience left in you, you should treat Father well.”

With that, she turned her gaze away from him and instructed Mei’er, “Take the young master away so he can rest. Pay close attention to what’s going on outside as well. Once the guards are more relaxed with the search, find a way to lead him out.”

Mei’er was quite upset with Chen Xuping—he had never treated her Miss as a sister, and he and Lu Yunshuang had been in cahoots.

Miss had ended up in such a terrible predicament because of that Lu Yunshuang.

Not long ago, the matter had even been exposed to the Crown Prince. If not for Miss Chen Qiyu being quick-witted, she would have not been able to escape the punishment of death.

All the foul things that happened were all planned by Lu Yunshuang.

It was difficult for Mei’er to not place some of the blame on Chen Xuping.

Where was Chen Xuping when her Miss begged for help and mercy in the brothel with no one to turn to?

Now that he was in trouble, he had some nerve to accept Miss’ help so readily.

How could someone so thick-skinned exist in this world?

However, since her Miss had already given the instructions, Mei’er could only obey no matter how unwilling she was. However, her tone remained quite unfriendly as she said, “Follow me.”

Chen Xuping was not afraid of death, but Lu Yunshuang was still alive and his father was in his late years. He had to take the responsibility of taking care of his father, which was why following Chen Qiyu’s plan was the only thing he could do now.

He could not help but turn back to look at Chen Qiyu before he left.

For some reason, that face which was once thick with make-up and a source of disgust to him, now looked incredibly innocent and clean. Those once seductive eyes had also become calm and tranquil.

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He was taken aback, and suddenly felt another wave of remorse.

Even though he was not the accomplice behind her abduction into the brothel, he did not go out of his way to stop it from happening, even though he knew that Lu Yunshuang was wary of Chen Qiyu taking away the Crown Prince’s love and that she was planning to do something to her.

At the end of the day, he was still held accountable for this.

Once the other two left, Chen Qiyu sat down on the bed.

She wondered if she had done the right thing.

If this had been some time before, she probably would not have cared if Chen Xuping was alive or dead.

They had never gotten along since they were kids. Chen Xuping had always looked down on her, and even more so toward her mother, Aunt Liu.

Chen Xuping had always viewed the mother and daughter as seductive women who could only deal with matters in unorthodox ways.

On Chen Qiyu’s side, she had never liked this older brother of hers either.

However, she had come to understand many things since her predicament at the brothel, which had led to a drastic change in her personality.

She had now learned to let go of much of the bad blood between herself and Chen Xuping from all those years ago..

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