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Chapter 717: 717

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Chapter 717: An Ulterior Motive

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Chu Jiu darted a look at Lin Qingyuan.

Lu Liangwei pushed away Lin Qingyuan’s hand that was wrapped around hers and replied disinterestedly, “Go on if you want to. In any case, Chu Jiu will only protect me. If you are in danger, she will never save you. Wake up, Lin Qingyuan.”

Lin Qingyuan dropped the plan when she heard Lu Liangwei’s words. She gave a cold snort and said condescendingly, “Stop giving excuses for your cowardice.”

Lu Liangwei admitted openly, “You’re right. I am a coward, which is why you shouldn’t be inviting me along if you want to hunt in the enclosure. It would be better if you find someone else to go with you.”

Lin Qingyuan choked after hearing this.

When Lu Liangwei saw that Lin Qingyuan had no retort, she strolled to the area outside the enclosure with Chu Jiu tagging along.

Lu Liangwei was fine with horse-riding, but hunting did not pique her interest too much.

She was able to hunt down small rabbits, but if she was told to enter the enclosure to hunt ferocious beasts, she might not be able to do so, nor did she want to. It would be much more productive to spend her time scouring for herbs on the hills outside the enclosure.

Her medicinal shop’s business has been doing well lately. If she could find suitable herbs, she would happily collect them and deliver them to the shop.

Lin Qingyuan watched as Lu Liangwei ditched her. She quickly ran after her.

She was slightly unhappy with Lu Liangwei’s lack of competitive spirit, “Why are you being such a coward? Even Ji Linghui is going in. You’re the Empress, after all. You shouldn’t let yourself be overshadowed just like that.”

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow.

Lin Qingyuan pointed toward the enclosure and pursed her lips in that direction. “Over there. You can see her there.”

Lu Liangwei looked at where Lin Qingyuan was pointing and, sure enough, Ji Linghui and Ji Lingxiu were right there, riding their respective horses. They were leading a few guards into the enclosure.

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. She had not expected Ji Linghui to heal so quickly, even managing to join the hunt at the Cool Mountains.

She was rather surprised.

Lin Qingyuan lowered her voice and said, “Do you really think she’s here to hunt? She clearly has an ulterior motive. I bet she’s using the hunt as an excuse to ‘accidentally’ bump into His Majesty. If that happens, do you think His Majesty might suddenly pity her and take her back into the Palace?”

Lu Liangwei frowned at those words.

She also did not believe that Ji Linghui was simply here to hunt.

According to Zhu Yu, Ji Linghui was wounded all over her body when Duke Ji picked her up at the Palace. She could barely walk then, yet it took only a few short months for her to heal up sufficiently to go hunting in the mountains.

Lu Liangwei would never believe it if someone claimed that the idea had never crossed Ji Linghui’s mind.

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When Lin Qingyuan saw that Lu Liangwei looked like she agreed with her, she dropped the subject. Instead, she said, “I’m not trying to coerce you into going hunting with me. I just can’t stand the sight of those Ji sisters. You didn’t notice the way Ji Lingxiu was looking at you, like you’re her mortal enemy. I feel like giving her a hard slap to wake her up.”

Lin Qingyuan’s tone was filled with some kind of righteous fury at the end of her sentence.

Lu Liangwei looked at the Ji Sisters who were not far away and went into deep thought.

Right then, Ji Linghui suddenly turned around as if she sensed something, then gave a start when she spotted Lu Liangwei. Then, a condescending smile appeared on her lips while she shot Lu Liangwei a confrontational look.

Lu Liangwei was not angry, but Lin Qingyuan, who was next to her, could no longer take it. Lin Qingyuan put her hands on her waist and said, “She’s being too arrogant! Who does Ji Linghui think she is? How dare she disrespect you?!”

At the same moment, Ji Linghui rode her horse and came over to Lu Liangwei.

One of them was inside the enclosure while the other was outside. They were only separated by a wooden fence.

Lin Qingyuan’s voice paused when she saw Ji Linghui suddenly coming over.. She was about to say something when Ji Linghui suddenly flashed a smile and said, “Your Highness, forgive me for being unable to curtsy to you as your humble servant is riding a horse.”

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